A unique Tea restaurant offering 70 brands

Chaaye KhanaAs the famous proverb reminds us “if a man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty”, a unique tea house ‘Chaayé Khana’ (Tea café) has opened in the heart of capital city, in Super Market. The new tea café attracted large number of tea lovers of the city on the very first day as it is perhaps the first restaurant of the city offering around 70 different brands of tea.

On the launching ceremony of the restaurant, Kashif Ahmed, the proud owner of the café said “we have around 70 brands of tea from all over the world which makes us special among all the tea restaurants of the city.” The idea for opening this shop is “to boost the culture of tea in our society as opposed to coffee culture” informed Mr. Kashif. [dt_gap height=”12″ /]

While enjoying tea, the visitors can also cherish the beauty of nature as the restaurant overlooks the beautiful scene of Margalla hills. Ali Raza Shah, a visitor said “I am taking this unique flavor of green tea, ‘peach and berries’ which tastes quite different than usual tea.”

It is perhaps unique to note that leading national and international newspapers, magazines and famous books are also available at the shop for the visitors. At one corner, there is also a chess board where the customers can enjoy tea with chess game.

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large_hot_teaPakistan is ranked the fourth largest tea consuming country in the world where black tea with milk is preferred. It is our tradition as well a symbol of hospitality that no gathering whether big or small is considered complete without a cup of tea. The new tea restaurant ‘Chaayé Khana’ aims to keep alive our tradition by catering the tea-lovers of the city.
A tea-lover, Filza Arbab, sipping tea while happily chatting to friends said “I have just tried Strawberry White (white tea) and it tastes great.” Along with tea, the restaurant also offers continental breakfast, snacks, bakery items, and special food items for health-conscious people in a luxurious environment.


The tea café offers several varieties of tea i.e. black tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea in different flavours. Black tea, also known as ‘Red tea’ in China and Japan is usually preferred with milk in most parts of the world. Black tea remains equally popular in East and West parts of world. Green tea is considered best remedy with minimum effects for those who want to lose weight or get rid of troubling bacteria. A new kind of tea being offered called white tea is the least-fermented version of tea. Oolong tea is the semi-fermented version of the tea-leaves which have less caffeine content and helps one to relax. Oolong means ‘black dragon’ in Chinese and it is supposed to have a peachy flavor and aroma.

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