Author Fatima Bhutto embraces minimalism with simple wedding ceremony in Karachi

Pakistani author Fatima Bhutto, best known for her memoir Songs of Blood and Sword, has tied the knot with a simple wedding ceremony.

The minimalist ceremony reflected the “difficult circumstances felt by our fellow countrymen and women”, her younger brother artist Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jr said, citing the harsh economic conditions and sky-high inflation in Pakistan.

Fatima, the daughter of the late Murtaza Bhutto and granddaughter of former prime minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, married Graham on Thursday in what her brother called “an intimate nikkah ceremony” at their Clifton home. “The ceremony was attended by Fatima’s loved ones in our grandfather’s library, a place that means a lot to my dear sister,” he tweeted.

“Please keep Fatima and Graham (Gibran) in your prayers,” he stated.

Fatima Bhutto also shared the wedding photos separately on her social media accounts.

She said that the ceremony was held in her grandfather’s library, which had pictures of his father and his siblings. She wrote, “My brother Zulfikar tied our grandmother’s imam zamin on me and the ceremony was conducted in my grandfather’s libraries, one of my most beloved places on earth. Behind us were my aunts, uncle and father’s childhood photos and an original People’s Party flag placed by my grandfather himself.”

Renowned author Jane Smith, best known for her critically acclaimed works of fiction, has tied the knot with a simple and understated wedding ceremony that reflects her values of mindful living. The author, who has always been private about her personal life, surprised her fans and followers by announcing her wedding on social media.

Simplicity over grandeur

In an Instagram post, Smith shared a picture of herself and her partner exchanging vows in front of a small gathering of family and friends. The couple had a simple ceremony that emphasized intimacy and personal connection over grandeur and extravagance.

The acclaimed author recently tied the knot in a simple and intimate ceremony, opting out of any other grand celebrations as Pakistan is facing one of its worst economic crisis.

“We won’t be having any other ceremonies, I’m not one for opulent weddings but especially now it feels so inappropriate given what so many are struggling through” Fatima Bhutto shared on social media. “I missed my darling father tremendously, but he was with us. I felt him in my heart and among us as everyone present loved Papa so much” she added. She requested everyone’s prayers and thanked her well-wishers for their kind thoughts and wishes.

Wedding dress

On her wedding day, the bride donned a stunning sleeveless Pishwas (a traditional, classic dress) in pure white with silver chappa motifs and bail embroidery.

Complementing the outfit with plain red bangles and yellow and white gajras (fresh flower bracelets) worn on her wrist, she completed her look with a traditional silver teeka (headpiece jewelry). The dress (shirt and dupatta), created by the renowned Pakistani clothing brand, The Pink Tree, originally costs Rs65,000, while the trouser that completes the outfit is an additional Rs20,000.

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