Buddha shows the way to Peace and Tolerance

Zeenath Khalid’s paintings carry message of Peace, Tolerance and Serenity

‘Buddha’s Way-Aman Ka Rasta’ (way to peace) was the theme of the exhibition of inspirational paintings by Zeenath Khalid at Nomad Art Gallery in Islamabad.

The exhibition was part of two-week activism campaign for elimination of violence against women and organized by Nageen Hyat of Nomad Art Gallery in collaboration with UNIFEM.

Ms. Alice Shackleford, Country Programme Director of UNIFEM – Pakistan inaugurated the exhibition. The purpose of the exhibition is to promote elimination of violence while recognizing our power of faith so that all can live together in peace, she said. “The different colours of the paintings remind viewers about different religious, cultural values and beauty of Pakistan” said Ms. Alice Shackleford.

The inspiring collection of the self-taught artist, Zeenath Khalid consists of a series of oil paintings on canvas depicting the life, colour and spirit of Buddha’s teaching based on peace and harmony. The painting of the ‘Golden Buddha’, ‘Sufi Mystic’, ‘Reclining Buddha’ and ‘the Journey’ not only soothes the viewers but each painting tells a story of serenity allowing the onlooker to take a leap into the serene life of Buddha.

Zeenath said that ‘Reclining Buddha’ (one of the huge paintings at the exhibition) is one of her favourite paintings. She felt a great deal of yearning for peace and tranquility while creating it.

“I have always been fascinated and intrigued by Buddhism as the Buddha symbolizes peace, tolerance and serenity” Zeenath said. The theme of the paintings “is in today’s times when our lives are shrouded in chaos and aggression” she added.

Having lived in Sri Lanka, Zeenath had a chance to closely observe the Buddhists way of life and she was inspired to express her thoughts on canvas with colours.

“I think our society misses that element of unity, humanity, compassion and peace which I observed in that atmosphere,” she said. She hoped that her work would help to arouse feelings of peace among the viewers.

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