Pakistan and Turkey find craft-connection in Ottoman Embroidery

When Turkish archaeologist Alper Yurdemi illustrated a history of Ottoman embroideries, chosen from his own collection, the patterns and motifs appeared rather similar to the Pakistani audience. Yurdemi was delivering a lecture on the topic of ‘Ottoman Embroideries, Meeting Point of Ottoman Palace and Popular Culture’ at Lok Virsa.

Cycling rally encourages Youth to choose sustainable transport

Walking and Cycling – the two essential components in sustainable transport – were also the focus of the project ‘Better Transport, Let’s Breathe Fresh!’ to improve awareness of sustainable travel options among the youth.

Pakistan-Germany Parliamentary Friendship Group aim to extend relations

German Ambassador Dr Cyrill Nunn hosted a meeting and dinner for members of the Pakistan-Germany Parliamentary Friendship Group who agreed to strengthen ties between parliaments of both countries and to facilitate bilateral exchange on various issues.

Pakistanis explore Denmark’s Culture and Creativity

The red and white coloured decorations, festive mood and food, and especially the iconic windmill replica, delighted the guests and gave them a real feel of Denmark – oldest of the Nordic countries, best known as world wind energy leader, creators of Lego toys and makers of finest cheese in the world.  The first ever mega…

Honorary Consul Generals meeting in Islamabad

The Dean of Diplomatic Corps of Consuls and Consul Generals Mian Habib Ullah convened a meeting of all the Consuls and Consul Generals in Islamabad where members of the Corps suggested that the Diplomatic Corps should actively work for the promotion of commerce, culture, tourism and education.

Education key to manage Pakistan’s population growth

Investing in people, particularly by educating them, is no more a choice but a compulsion for Pakistan, insisted the key speakers at the Annual Population Conference that commenced in Islamabad. Education was recognized the key determinant to manage the growing population challenges posed to Pakistan – world’s sixth populous country with 180 million plus people.…

Fashion Fiesta – Colours of Brazil enthralls Islamabad

Contrast and fusion were the order of the day at the latest fashion fiestain the city – offering Islamabad one of its memorable evenings. A large number of diplomats, celebrities, fashionistas, and socialites showed up in their impeccable outfits to get a glimpse of Kamiar Rokni’s latest collection inspired by the dynamism of Brazil. The…

Kids discover Joys of Reading & Writing at Literary Fest

First-ever Children’s Literature Festival in Islamabad  Braving a burning sun and intense heat wave, hundreds of children arrived at the first-ever Islamabad Children’s Literary Festival to celebrate the wonders of literature. Tales of remarkable characters and traditions, playful puppets, ancient art of pottery Making as well as films, music and theatre shows took the kids…

Pakistani Youth – Most Effective Force for Development

Pakistan, a country with youth bulge, has an opportunity of a lifetime to plan a healthy and prosperous future by transforming the youth potential into a driving force of development. Yet this prospect of a demographic dividend must be realized swiftly. Because a large cohort of frustrated young people would lead to social and political instability.

First day of life most risky for Newborns: new Report

Pakistan among 10 countries with high newborn death rate The day a newborn open eyes to world is the most anticipated one for the mother and a blissful moment for the whole family. But the first day of life is a delicate time for a newborn as it is often the most risky day of a…