CDA to launch two Electric Buses for new metro services in Islamabad

The Islamabad administration is all set to roll out two environment-friendly electric feeder buses for intracity travel, to facilitate the passengers’ commute towards Green and Blue Line metro terminals.

Green Line service

The Green Line metro service will operate between Bhara Kahu (Jillani Stop) and the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials said the service was started from Jillani stop since the existing two-lane Murree Road in Bhara Kahu is already facing traffic congestion. For Green Line, the electric feeder buses will pick up passengers from Bhara Kahu (Attal Chowk).

Blue Line service

The Blue Line metro service will operate between Koral Chowk and PIMS Hospital. The electric feeder buses for the Blue Line service will pick up passengers from PWD and drop them at Koral.

Construction work for both routes and bus stations is already in progress and is expected to be completed in August, CDA officials said. The Islamabad administration, however, plans to launch both bus services as soon as possible. Initially, the bus service will use existing roads but the CDA will construct separate and designate corridors for them in the future.

CDA officials said that the two electric buses will ensure convenience for the public and foster environmental protection in the city.

CDA is still awaiting Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s approval for bus fares.

Recently, CDA received 30 metro buses from China and plans to use 10 of them for the Blue Line, and five for the Green Line service, while the remaining 15 will be used on the Peshawar Mor to Airport route. Presently, the CDA is using buses borrowed from the Rawlpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Service for the Airport route.

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