CDA to restore recently discovered 500 years old mosque in Islamabad

The Mosque was found during the restoration work on the lotus lake in the federal capital

Archeologists discovered a historical 500-years-old mosque near Lotus Lake in the federal capital. The Mosque was discovered during the restoration work on the lotus lake, as per Environment Wing of the Capital Development Authority (CDA). A banyan tree in the mosque’s courtyard is also expected to equally old.

The site has been declared as an archaeological site after reviewing surveys conducted by the relevant authorities. Initially estimates put the Mosque as a 100-years-old but further input from the experts concluded that it is much older.  CDA is now making arrangements for a comprehensive survey of the mosque to determine the real facts about the archaeological site.

The restoration process will begin in the coming weeks. Other similar projects have been undertaken by CDA in recent years. These include the restoration of 2,400-year-old Sadhu ka Bagh and caves located at Shah Allah Ditta. They have also preserved a number of Banyan trees, other centuries-old trees including Date Palm, Kau, Phulai, Banyan, Mango, and Peepal.

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