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Sana Jamal

ISLAMABAD: Most of the Pakistani NGOs run social and welfare works through self-generated income while rest of the support comes from national and international donor agencies. This information was revealed at the launch of the directory of certified nonprofit organizations working in Pakistan compiled by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) here on Thursday.

Speaking at the launching ceremony the book, Anjum R. Haque, Executive Director of PCP informed that 181 NGOs were examined during the survey which revealed that “around 43% of the NGOs work through self-generated income while 34% from national donors and around 23% from international donors.”
Malik Babur, Manager Certification of PCP informed that “Out of 181 NGOs, 57 are working on health issues, 52 are working in educational area while 11 NGOs are focused on advocacy.”
The directory titled ‘Gateway to Giving’ is a reflection of PCP’s unique Certification Programme which is the first of its kind to be implemented in South Asia. The certification programme provides a system of voluntary evaluation of Certified Social Organizations on standardized parameters by an external agency aimed at promoting international best practices of good governance, financial transparency, documentation, disclosure and accountability. “It also seeks to bridge the information and credibility gap that exists between grant givers and grant seekers that often is an impediment in the promotion of social development” said Ms. Haque.

During the press briefing session Ms. Haque hoped that the directory will “become a leading resource for people looking to channel efforts and contributions towards effective giving so that the impact on society is maximized as such information has never been publicly available under one title before.”

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