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Fashion Fiesta – Colours of Brazil enthralls Islamabad


Contrast and fusion were the order of the day at the latest fashion fiestain the city – offering Islamabad one of its memorable evenings. A large number of diplomats, celebrities, fashionistas, and socialites showed up in their impeccable outfits to get a glimpse of Kamiar Rokni’s latest collection inspired by the dynamism of Brazil. The show rightly titled ‘Colours of Brazil’ was arranged by the Embassy of Brazil together with Verve Events and was in fact envisioned by H.E. Alfredo Leoni, Ambassador of Brazil and Arsalan A. Khan of Verve.

Brazilian Ambassador, H.E. Alfredo Leoni, seemed much interested in enhancing cultural diplomacy between Brazil and Pakistan. “In the course of diplomatic relations, it is important to enhance cultural relations via art and fashion because these aspects appeal to the people more” he said. The Ambassador hoped that the culture show would offer a glimpse of Brazilian fashion and culture for Pakistanis.

“Brazil is all about the ‘Mix’ – mix of European and African, the mix of Brazilian and Japanese, the mix of urban sophistication and natural beauty, these are the contrasts and collisions that especially inspired me” says Kamiar Rokni, country’s top contemporary designer.

Explaining the theme behind his current collection, he told that, the starting point was mid-century modernism and then to Bahia and the African influence and ended with a touch of nostalgia and an interpretation of the glamour that the name Brazil evokes.

Welcomed by the one of the top model, Natty, on the red carpet, the visitors were impressed with the elegant yet versatile look of the venue that perfectly showcased the exuberance of Brazil, in a display of creativity and glamour.brazil2 Many were seen snapping pictures with their cell phones of the charming and famous people at the event as well as of the Porsche car parked in gleaming glory at the entrance.

Top models walked the ramp, and Cybil Chaudhry, the show-stopper made the show come to life, and was much appreciated by the audience. Traditional Brazilian music – Samba and Bosaa Nova – was vital to keeping the upbeat tone of the evening while Brazilian delicacies and beverages were mentioned as delectable.

The event was the result of a project initiated in 2011 by the Brazilian Embassy with the invitation to four young, talented Pakistanis to visit and experience the best of the Brazilian cultural life. Among them were Arsalan A. Khan, Creative Director of Verve Events, and Kamiar Rokni, one of the finest fashion designers of Pakistan. Arsalan says his trip to Brazil was a life changing experience and that promoting the Brazilian culture is now a life-time desire.

The fashion show was also sponsored by Diet Pepsi, Porsche and Tony and Guy. All the makeup looks were executed by creative director of Tony and Guy Islamabad – Juju Haider, inspired by boldness of Brazilian fashion. Hello! Magazine Pakistan were the official media partner.

(Photos by Thomaz Napoleão)

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