Foodpanda tests food delivery drones in Pakistan

Pakistanis will soon see food delivery drones buzzing in the skies as the pilot project has been launched in Islamabad.

Foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading food delivery company, has tested customized drones “Pandafly” to deliver food in Islamabad.

The drones have been developed by Pakistani aerospace company Woot Tech.

The test flight of the drone was carried out in the F-9 Park on November 12 in collaboration with the office of the Deputy Commissioner of the Islamabad capital territory, according to a media release.

Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat was also the chief guest at the launch event, which was also attended by dignitaries, representatives of the media, some celebrities and social media influencers.

The test flight

A Foodpanda rider took a food package weighing around 2.5 kgs from a restaurant at one end of the F-9 Park and loaded it into the storage bag of the drone. The drone then delivered the food package at the other end of the park, where another rider collected and distributed it among children invited from Sweet Homes for the occasion.

The initiative will benefit customers in remote areas

The use of drones by Foodpanda means faster food deliveries over longer distances, especially to the people living in peri-urban and remote areas. People living in remote areas always had limited food delivery options. But this initiative will allow them to order food from main urban centers as well.

The last mile of the drone delivery

The drones would not completely replace riders, according to the statement issued by the company.

“The last mile of delivery by drone will be completed by a Foodpanda rider,” the company said. “Also to be noted is that this is the first commercial drone made in Pakistan and Foodpanda is thus supporting the development of local technology,” it added.

Expressing his views, Shafqaat said the use of technology to serve the citizens is the future. “The Islamabad civil administration stands committed to supporting anyone who takes the initiative to provide greater convenience and facilities for the public,” he added.

Speaking on the occasion, CEO Foodpanda Nauman Sikander Mirza said, “Foodpanda’s core ethos is to constantly innovate, stretch the limits, and leverage technology to find great solutions for meeting the evolving needs of the people.”

The company is still working on the technical, operational, and legal matters of drone delivery for customers and will actually launch the project once all these matters have been settled, told Mirza. Everything needs to be “thoroughly evaluated and locked in,” he added.

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