German Ambassador is breaking all gora stereotypes in Pakistan

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German Ambassador H.E. Martin Kobler is smashing all Gora stereotypes in Pakistan

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Foreigners, especially the diplomats, are often seen in Pakistan amidst heavy protocol, security and with fearful expressions on their faces because of obvious reasons.

However, this certain foreigner in Pakistan is breaking all Gora stereotypes and fully expressing his love for Pakistan’s culture.

This man is the German Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Martin Kobler, who is freely visiting Pakistan’s heritage sites, shrines, open markets (not malls) and even those regular barbershops.

Martin Kobler surprised the local residents by sharing posts of his visit from Lahore to Peshawar to Islamabad without any protocol or security.

In his regular updates on social media in Urdu language, Martin Kobler openly confessed his love for Pakistan’s culture and heritage.

The Ambassador seems to be a person who has a profound interest in traveling and love for culture as he has highlighted Pakistan’s significant heritage sites, diverse culture and tourism places in his posts.

Islamabad Scene has a short summary of his recent visits. Let’s have a look at his local trip to get to know Pakistan and Pakistanis better.

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The first destination of Ambassador Kobler was the Lahore Fort, Pakistan’s major tourist attraction which epitomizes the beauty and grandeur of the Mughal era.

There is no better way to know a country than talking to common people on streets. Mr. Kobler especially enjoyed talking to people in open markets.

After the cultural trip and meeting local Pakistanis, the Ambassador visited the open markets to buy a piece of clothing for country’s traditional dress Shalwar Kameez. He certainly surprised Pakistanis and local shopkeepers by shopping from the open market and not a mall. Who knows we might soon see the Ambassador wearing Shalwar Kameez.

He also visited the shrine of Bari Imam shrine in Islamabad which attracts devotees from across the country.

The Ambassador was fascinated by the Kalash festival, the colourful dresses, rhythmic dances and ancient songs. He calls it a “great tourist attraction!”

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Earlier this month, the German Ambassador also visited Peshawar – the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which has been severely affected by terrorism is last few years.

During his visit to Peshawar, he took a stroll through local bazaars and old alleys of Peshawar. He even got a haircut from a naai at a regular barbershop. This photo made many Pakistanis appreciate the confidence and positive gesture of the Ambassador.

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German Ambassador’s friendly and positive interaction with common people and the visit to Pakistan’s different region has not only surprised local people but also proved that Pakistan is a safe and peaceful country.

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Pakistanis appreciate German embassy’s positive gesture

This significant gesture by the German Embassy Islamabad has received an overwhelming love and best wishes from Pakistani all over the country.

Check out some comments of appreciation here:

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What do you think about this amazing gesture of German Ambassador? Do share in comments.

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  1. Kobler is a seasoned and refined diplomat. He is fearless n commands from the front. He never gets tired n has limitless capacity for work. He knows how to win hearts and minds of the people he serves. I was privileged to have him as the MONUSCO’s boss in D.R.C


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