How to help victims of devastating floods in Pakistan?

Pakistan is facing extreme devastation after an unusually active monsoon spell this year wreaked havoc across the country, killing over 900 people in rain related incidents out of which 326 are children.

Heavy monsoon rains and floods since mid-June have affected 2.3 million people across Pakistan and at least 95,350 homes have been destroyed, according to the humanitarian agency.

Sindh and Balochistan are among the most “affected provinces in terms of human and infrastructural impact”, however, the full extent of the destruction is still unknown as damage assessment continues.

In order to help out the flood victims, several organizations are working to provide relief in the flood-affected areas.

Here are some ways to help:

  • Donate money to relief organizations working on the ground.
  • Send essential supplies (food, medicines, blankets) to people in flood-affected communities. 
  • Help clean up a flood-damaged home nearby.

Here are some relief organizations helping flood victims:

You can also contact these organizations and contribute in the flood relief efforts

1. Edhi Foundation

The Edhi Foundation, a Pakistani non-profit social welfare organization is dedicated to humanitarian services since 1951. They are currently providing relief to flood affectees across Pakistan and are delivering, dry ration packs, cooked food, tarpaulin sheets, non-food essential items, and medical aid to the affected areas.

You can donate here to help.

2. Akhuwat Foundation

Akhuwat Foundation is providing relief to flood victims across Balochistan, Sindh & South Punjab. For the sake of immediate action, Akhuwat aims to present cash assistance worth Rs. 3 to 4 thousand to approximately 10,000 families for food & basic necessities.

You can visit this link to make your contribution.

3. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan

Flood relief teams of Alkhidmat Foundation are on the ground in all flood-affected areas across Pakistan and have been rescuing people. This welfare organization is well known for its dedicated services including disaster management, education, health services, clean water, orphan care, and other community services.

You can donate here:

4. Balochistan Youth Action Committee

Balochistan Youth Action Committee is keen to help the distraught flood affectees of Balochistan in these challenging times. A list of urgent supplies issued by the organization is given below:

 β€’ Food bags

 β€’ Tents and mosquito nets

 β€’ Drinking water

 β€’ Medical supplies

Donate as much as you can to play your role in the assistance of flood victims.

5. Hope in Humanity Foundation

This relief organization is run by a group of professionals from different fields, brought together by their desire to help humanity in need. Hope in Humanity Foundation (HH) is esponding to the recent floods and have access to the majority of the disaster zones nationwide, helping in search and rescue as well as providing shelter, meals and urgent medical support.

How can you help?

  • Volunteering
  • Food and donations
  • Shelter and Medical care
Help Pakistan flood victims 2022

6. HANDS Pakistan

HANDS is an NGO devoted to building β€œa healthy, educated, and prosperous Pakistan” for the last 42 years. They are currently extending a hand to those affected by the floods and even lack the basic necessities.

You can donate here to help:

7. Muslim Aid UK

Muslim aid is a UK-based non-governmental organization that established its field office in Pakistan after the devastating earthquake of 2005. The NGO has commenced its rapid need assessment in three flood-affected districts in Pakistan.

You can donate here:

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