How to register for COVID-19 vaccination in Pakistan?

NCOC has unveiled a set of steps to ensure smooth coronavirus registration process

Pakistan is all set to receive its first shipment of the COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, SinoPharm, Sputnik-V and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines have been approved by the government of Pakistan.

“The purpose of the strategy is to vaccinate people in a healthy environment and in accordance with health guidelines through a concrete plan” according to NCOC, the organization leading the fight against the pandemic. The government has established a digital platform called the National Immunisation Management System (NIMS) for a smooth registration and delivery system of the vaccine.

Initially, only frontline healthcare workers will be vaccinated, according to NCOC guidelines. In the second phase, people over 65 will receive the coronavirus vaccine while in the third and final phase, public will start getting the jabs.

The current vaccine availability will be limited and a procedure must be followed in order to register for it.

Step-by-step guide to COVID vaccination

Here is how you can get vaccinated by following these steps listed below:

  1. Registration: Send your CNIC number to 1166 through SMS or use NIMS website for registration.
  2. Verification: After verification, designated AVC (Adult Vaccine Centre) based on current address and PIN code will be sent to the citizen through SMS.
  3. Appointment: When the vaccine becomes available at the designated vaccination center, SMS will be sent to the citizen to intimate an appointment date for vaccine administration.
  4. Visit: After successful registration, the citizen will visit AVC on the date of appointment along with the original CNIC and received PIN Code (both are mandatory).
  5. Vaccination: After successful verification, the citizen will be vaccinated. Upon vaccine administration, vaccination staff will enter the details in NIMS, and a confirmation message will be sent to the citizen through SMS.
  6. Monitoring: Citizen will stay in AVC for 30 minutes for the post-inoculation monitoring.

A real-time dashboard for the federal, provincial, and district health departments will be generated automatically.

Meanwhile, if the designated AVC is outside the current tehsil of the citizen, he/she can change the designated health facility by visiting NIMS web portal or by calling the 1166 helpline within 5 days of receipt of the first SMS.

How to check eligibility?

Check if you are eligible to get the vaccine by sending CNIC to 1166 or visit

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  1. I need to register my elderly parents. They already have serious health conditions please advice what do I need to do to get them register and vaccinated. Jazakallah khair

  2. I am a senior Retired Doctor aged 67 years,wants to register myself for Corona Vaccination
    CNIC NO.42301 0883360 1
    Address 22/1,7th street khayaban Rahat phase VI DHA,KARACHI

    • Only frontline health workers are being vaccinated for. Vaccination for those over 65 will begin in March. Pls check your eligibility by sending your CNIC number to 1166 or visit

  3. السلام علیکم
    This is Dr Imran Shah Assistant Professor ENT Ayub Medical College Abbottabad, I am receiving sms from 1166 that I am not health professional, what is it?

  4. I want to register my husband for covid19 vacination. He is overseas Pakistani and 1166 is not accepting his I-D card number. Please guide me.


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