Interview: Serene Organics promoting natural beauty products in Pakistan

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Glow, shine and go all natural with Serene Organics natural beauty products.

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These days the stores are brimming with new, shiny beauty and skincare products, but how do you know if you’re making the right choice?

The good news is you can always be sure about the natural and organic products which have long been recommended by our moms and grandmas as these are free from any such side-effects.

Two talented Pakistani girls Fatima Qayyum and Shahama Sajid, are committed to bring back this old beauty hack that will get your skin glowing.

Searching for the right skin and hair care products for themselves, the two graduates from LUMS, came across a viable solution and eventually their search yielded them the fruitful discovery of naturally produced, pure and organic oils. This solution catered to nearly every health-related issue with virtually no harmful effects.

So, in a way, they not only found a solution for their personal skincare issue but also introduced natural and healthy products to share with all Pakistanis.

Pakistani TV actress, Zara Noor Abbas is the brand ambassador of Serene OrganicsFatima and Shahama launched Serene Organics in 2017 under the supervision of the LUMS Social Innovation Lab, as a project to offer a natural and healthier lifestyle.

Serene Organics is a social enterprise that provides 100% organic beauty products and promotes healthy lifestyle with the use of organic foods. At the same time, it is helping poor people by improving lives of local vendors as well as women working from home.

The firm is providing job to women who are struggle hard to run their homes by packaging Serene Products in jute pouch which is very appealing to customers. Emerging Pakistani TV actress, Zara Noor Abbas is the brand ambassador of Serene Organics supporting their cause to support and uplift women.

Serene Organics began their beauty line with coconut and almond oil extracts but have now expanded their product line to include scrubs and masks.

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Story of Serene Organics – natural health and beauty supporters

We had the chance to interview Serene Organics. Learn more about them and their products here:

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Can you give us a background on how and when it all started for your organic beauty line?

I have been very conscious about beauty products because these days you hear all kinds of things about additives that cause skin diseases and the like.

This is why I wanted to find products that were completely pure and natural. I tried the products in the market but wasn’t sure if it’s truly natural. So, I decided to have coconut oil extracted for myself by sending a coconut to a local vendor to extract pure oil. When I used it, I was supremely impressed with the results. I could already tell the difference and feel the purity of the product. It was in that instant that I thought of sharing this pure natural oil with other so they could get a taste of what real purity can do! I discussed the idea with my friend Shahama just causally. The idea began to materialize when we came across the Social Innovation Lab at LUMS which offers training and support for socially innovative start-ups. Shahama and I thought of ways to turn this idea into a social cause so that we could qualify as a social enterprise and that led to the creation of Serene Organics.

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Serene Organics Pakistan

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Being a social enterprise, how Serene Organics is benefiting traditional oil extractors of Pakistan?

As a social enterprise, one part of our social goals is to make our oil extractors shareholders in the enterprise so that they can earn a greater profit than what they’re traditionally getting. Typically, oil extractors lose out on great profits because their skill set is deemed rudimentary. We wished to bring benefit to the poor oil extractors who participate in the production of our products. Currently, we are working with an oil extractor based in Old Lahore.

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How exactly is the enterprise supporting women? Is it adding to their income?

We mostly hire women for the packaging process. Serene Organics packs its products in an eco-friendly jute packaging which are stitched by women who are forced by conditions at home to look for work out of the house. Some of these women are already working but can’t make ends meet; that’s where we step in and help these women to add to their income by providing them with slightly higher per-package-rates than the market price.

We recently also added acid attack survivors to the Serene team and are giving them a positive platform that we hope can help them build their lives. Serene Organics is also raising funds for the Acid Survivors Foundation.

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Serene Organics Pakistan

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Let’s talk about your products. Does Serene Organics only offer organically extracted oils or other products too?

We started with organic oils but have been expanding our product line to include scrubs and masks. While we started with Coconut, Almond and Mustard oils, our range has expanded to include unique oils such as Cilantro Oil and our special ‘7 Essential Oils’. We also provide pure oils on a request basis so if clients need particular oil, we can get it made for them.

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Why should we choose organic beauty products/oil?

Because pure organic oil is simply way better for your skin! Organic oils, particularly cold-pressed oils, are packed with the nutrients that your skin and hair needs. It’s similar to taking the fruit itself and rubbing it on directly, except that the oil is a concentrated version of the fruit. Other skin products have chemicals and additives which can sometimes cause rashes, or in the worst case, lasting skin diseases. Organic products are completely free from any such side-effects!

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Serene Organics Pakistan

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What is the price range of your products as compared to oils found at local shops?

There is no great price difference. Serene Organics is committed to ensuring that our customers get exactly what they’re paying for: pure, natural oils that are packaged in the best quality possible.

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What are the most popular products?

Coconut Oil is our most popular product. However, we often find that our seasonal deals also sell really well! Our ‘Glow Kit’ was quite a hit for the Eid season.

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What are your future plans?

As with any venture, our plan is to expand Serene Organics so that it can touch more lives and create a larger national impact. We especially aim to improve the lives of women who are struggling for their daily means. On a more ‘business’ note, we also hope to expand our product range to include more organic products; we hope that Pakistanis will continue to support a local enterprise that also hopes to support them in return.

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Salma Khan
Salma writes on topics ranging from education to technology to business. She can be reached at Twitter and Facebook.

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