Islamabad to soon get Safari Park and a Ferris Wheel

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One of the biggest attraction of the new project will be the installation a Ferris wheel that will be named as ‘See Islamabad’

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By Tazeen Hoda

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Islamabad, one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan, is known popular for its immense natural beauty, tranquil and clean environment.

Pakistan government is eager to make the city more attractive by introducing new projects. The latest initiative announced by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is the establishment of a Safari Park in Fatima Jinnah Park over an area of 100 acres. The F-9 Park will receive an up gradation in terms of infrastructure and other amenities. The civil authority will also focus on the augmentation of roads, sub-structure and elementary facilities in the main areas of the city.

The Fatima Jinnah Park that lies on a 700-acre area was established back in 1960 and has been developed from a rugged ground to the most beautiful family park in the city. It is currently occupied by people who come by for a morning/evening walk, to fly kites, practice martial arts or play cricket and football. There are several swings and activities for kids. The park is also used for special events or occasions.

One of the biggest attraction of the new project will be the installation a Ferris wheel that will be named as ‘See Islamabad’. It will offer an amazing opportunity for the visitors to explore the stunning city at a height of the Ferris wheel. It is a brilliant advancement idea that will keenly attract more local as well as foreign tourists.

The formalities are supposed to be completed soon so that work on this development may be initiated.

The project will see a big revamping process which will began from G-11 and F-11 Markaz and gradually will expand throughout the city. The revamp process also include proper footpaths, fixing new streetlights and the sewerage system would be amended. The authorities aim to beautify the city and align it with international standards.

“The aim of the Islamabad Rehabilitation and the up-gradation plan is to improve the face of Islamabad and uplift the city in line with international standards, those areas where rehabilitation work has been completed remarkable change can be witnessed,” said CDA Chairman Maroof Afzal.

The children park, walking and jogging tracks, cycling track, skating track, cricket ground and other amusement facilities in F-9 Park will also be upgraded.

We believe that it is a huge step towards the growth of tourism industry in Pakistan and such projects will definitely benefit the country. We will surely have another tourist attraction as well as a new reason to visit Islamabad.

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