Islamabad Zoo Himalayan bears to be shifted to Jordan sanctuary

The bears will be temporarily relocated to a sanctuary in Jordan run by four paws in partnership with Princess Alia Foundation

The ministry of climate change and the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board have decided to allow the relocation of two Himalayan Brown Bears Suzie and Bubloo from the defunct Marghzar Zoo in Islamabad. The bears are slated to be moved to Jordan in a sanctuary. Four Paws, the organization that also played a big role in the relocation of lonely Asian elephant Kaavan, appreciated the decision.

Change of heart

Earlier, the ministry revoked the permits to relocate the bears and said that it was setting up its own sanctuary in Islamabad. Even if such a step is eventually taken, it will take a while and the bears needed immediate attention. This not only surprised the officials of Four Paws but also the Islamabad High Court (IHC), which ordered the closure of the zoo due to poor living conditions for the animals. The decision will help the two bears to live in better conditions.

Leaving for Jordan

FOUR PAWS will relocate the bears to their Jordanian sanctuary “Al Ma’Wa for Nature and Wildlife”, which is run in partnership with the Princess Alia Foundation. A staff officer of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board will accompany the bears to Jordan to receive training and capacity building. There, Suzie and Bubloo will find a species-appropriate home and proper care they urgently need. Once a bear sanctuary in Pakistan is ready the 2 Himalayan Brown Bears will be returned to the country.

Appreciation for the stakeholders

FOUR PAWS thanked the Pakistani authorities and community for supporting the betterment of the Himalayan bears. The sanctuary in Jordan will help in rehabilitating the bears that will eventually return home in Pakistan. The move is also in line with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision of clean and green Pakistan.

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