Journalists discuss self-accountability

Media of Pakistan should resolve the discrepancies within media, issues of unethical reporting and overreaction by free media.These views were expressed by media professionals at a national seminar on “Media, Democracy and Public Interest: Issues and Options” held on Tuesday in Islamabad, organized by Society for Alternative Media and Research (SAMAR).

Journalists, attending the seminar attempted to come up with possible solutions to the problems faced by media.Yousuf Baig Mirza, Managing Director of PTV, speaking on the occasion said the electronic media professionals often cross the boundary of objectivity and enter into personalized version of new creating fears in the minds of viewers instead of concern.

Murtaza Solangi, Dir. Gen. of Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation commented, “If the media do not do responsible reporting, it will lose trust of the people.”

The participants agreed that practical training of media person can bring professionalism in the field of journalism ensuring accountability of media. Mazhar Arif, Executive Director at Society for Alternative Media and Research (SAMAR) also spoke on the occasion.

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