Mishal Pakistan collaborates with NUML staff for Electronic Media Training

Week-long training on Television Newsroom Management, Workflow and News to develop understanding of necessary skillsets for electronic media management

Islamabad, Pakistan: Mishal Pakistan at National University of Modern Languages (NUML) conducted a week-long training workshop on ‘Television Newsroom Management, Workflow and News,’ organized jointly by Mishal Pakistan and NUML University ended Friday on a note that journalist should ensure responsibility professional standards in the age of internet media.

The training session for Television Newsroom Management, Workflow and News,’ organized by Mishal Pakistan, will play a key role in developing skills that facilitate effective journalism. Topics including visual grammar, end-to-end visual chain, planning a package, writing script for visuals, post-production, and journalism ethics and regulation.

Through this collaboration with NUML, Mishal Pakistan seeks to train and educate not only journalists and reporters but the faculty of media studies of the university. This is to enhance the capacity of the teaching staff, making them aware of current trends and issues in Television Newsroom Management, Workflow and News. More than 20 faculty members participated in the week-long training session.

Brigadier Tahir Mehmood (ISPR), Federal Secretary, Mr. Saleem Ranjha, Chief Executive Officer of Mishal Pakistan, Mr. Amir Jahangir, Founder and President of Agahi, Ms. Puruesh Chaudhary and Youth leader, Social Activist & Entrepreneur Ms. Farzana Yaqoob graced various sessions as Guest of Honours.

The lead trainer, Mr Tahir Dhindsa, Director News and Current Affairs DBT, at the inaugural session said, “The people who are legitimately attempting to deliver honest news are really facing a tough, uphill climb.’ Mr Shabbir Wahgra an Award-Winning Broadcast Journalist, Blogger & Documentary Producer, working with PTV World and Mr Asadullah Khan, who helped launched several satellite television channels of Pakistan also conducted a workshop.

Mishal Pakistan is playing its part in promoting media ethics through various initiatives involving journalists and media houses.  The team Mishal has more than 20 years of experience in news management and media development, editing and organizational leadership at the national level. Mishal has the credit of training more than 3000 journalists on various verticals of journalism in socio-economic and political spheres.

About Mishal Pakistan:

Mishal Pakistan established in 2003, Mishal has been engaged with some of the most dynamic organizations, including media enterprises and global development agencies helping them develop their communication strategies and solutions for better understanding and creating synergies with their concerned stakeholders.

It develops an organization’s process of defining its strategy, direction, and providing input to the management making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy, including its capital and people.

Salma Khan
Salma writes on topics ranging from education to technology to business. She can be reached at Twitter and Facebook.

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