Movie review: ‘Dunkirk’ is a visually stunning war movie

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Dunkirk – a visually stunning, suspense war movie about survival

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“Dunkirk” – the new film by genius Christopher Nolan – offers a different but realistic look at war.

Based on true events, the movie depicts the attempted evacuation and survival of some 400,000 soldiers, (mostly British, some French) during World War II when they were trapped by the Germans on the beach of Dunkirk, France.

The story of “Operation Dynamo,” also known as the “Miracle of Dunkirk,” is told from three different but inter-connected perspectives: land, sea and air. The three heroes Fionn Whitehead (land), Mark Rylance (sea) and Tom Hardy (air), offering the glimpse of survival and resistance during the Battle of Dunkirk.

The incredible sound design by Hans Zimmer, breathtaking cinematography by Hoyte Van Hoytema, paired with Nolan’s great work behind the camera and the movie suspense, truly transports you to the battle scene. The casting of nearly 6,000 extras and shooting on the real location in Dunkirk is also tremendous. These characteristics make the movie one of the best films of the year.

As fascinating as it may sound, but the movie lacks memorable dialogues and there is zero character development. Lack of emotional firepower and absence of a strong protagonist are also criticized by some. With fewer dialogues and no background story of characters, it can be confusing for audience because of nonlinear timeline.

Nevertheless, Dunkirk is a thrilling war movie with a visual splendour which highlights darker and lesser-known aspects of the war.

Nolan, best known for his “The Dark Knight” Batman trilogy, “Inception,” “Interstellar” and more, has once again proven himself to be one of the greatest directors of the 21st century

Technically brilliant, narratively complex, visually stunning, Dunkirk is more than a movie. It is an experience that should be witnessed by all movie fans!


4 out of 5 stars

4 stars



Running time is 1 hour and 46 minutes.

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