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Pakistan based sellers finally get access to Amazon

Great opportunity for small Pakistani entrepreneurs to boost their business

Sellers from Pakistan will soon be able to register and sell on Amazon after some hard work from the Ministry of Commerce, Pakistan Embassy in Washington and Los Angeles consulate.

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and it can help entrepreneurs in Pakistan boost the country’s exports. The account approval may take a day once the registration starts but it is not a big deal.  

According to reports, the government and other stakeholders have been engaging with Amazon for more than a year now. Adviser to Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razzaq Dawood tweeted that it will be a big opportunity for small entrepreneurs and women as well.  

Excellent opportunity for youth

It an excellent opportunity for our youth, SMEs, and women entrepreneurs. All they need to do is to identify products that can sell well with reasonable competition on Amazon. They can source the product, build a supply chain, and build their reputation on the e-commerce platform. A single seller can earn thousands of dollars a month through Amazon after achieving success.  Opportunities will also be available for larger businesses with established channels as they can reach out to the world with their products.  

Prime Minister Imran Khan termed it a “great development” saying that our sellers can export their goods through their system. This “will open opportunities for our youth as it will enable a new breed of young men and women entrepreneurs to join the export market” he said.

Important e-commerce milestone

With this new development, “Pakistan is about to enter a new era of e-commerce, Amazon will give the boost to Pakistan’s e-commerce landscape. It will provide SMEs platform to export in the global market. Thousand of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities will be created” Dawood said.

The move will also help boost the image of Made in Pakistan products. The key is to ensure the quality of products and services to be successful in the longer run.

Collaborative effort

An important milestone of the e-Commerce policy achieved has been through teamwork by many people across the globe. Some of the people named for their services in this regard by some media outlets include Aisha Moriani (Joint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce), Omer Gajial (Ex Amazon Category Development Head for Amazon North America division), and Shoaib Sarwar (deputy Consul General, Consulate General Pakistan, Los Angeles) along with the team members of NECC (National e-Commerce Council) and Badar Khushnood from Pakistan Software Houses Association, among others.

The pilot project was initiated with the help of Pakistan Embassy in the USA and NeCC was instrumental in taking the issue forward following the approval of e-commerce policy by the cabinet in the end of 2019.

Pakistan’s addition to the sellers’ list will create new export opportunities for both business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-business (B2B) models. Amazon’s  3P model serves brand owners while the 1P model is for mass producers who want to produce for Amazon’s branded items.

NeCC has decided to form a focused group that will meet every month or twice a month to address all challenges such as logistics, warehousing to make Amazon a successful platform for selling Pakistani products to the world. 

Amazon is a consumer-centric market place, therefore customers reviews and satisfaction level is extremely important, officials said.

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