Pakistani startup Voyage Freight secures $1 million in funding, eyes expansion in MENA region

Pakistani digital freight forwarding startup Voyage Freight announced a significant milestone – the successful securing of over $1 million in pre-seed funding.

The funding round, led by Indus Valley Capital, underlines growing confidence in Voyage’s vision to simplify the intricate landscape of traditional global shipping.

Indus Valley Capital founder Aatif Awan expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Voyage’s vision of simplifying global freight for anyone in Pakistan, especially new and smaller exporters, really resonated with us.”

Technology-driven solutions for Exporters

Voyage Freight offers exporters an end-to-end global shipping solution using modern technology. The startup emphasizes that this funding is a crucial step in its journey to simplify the logistics industry for Pakistani exporters. The focus is on creating a streamlined and enhanced export logistics process through an innovative, technology-driven platform.

Voyage Freight co-founder by Omar Mukhtar highlighted the challenges in traditional freight forwarding processes in Pakistan, including lack of transparency and complex customs procedures.

“In the current global economy, the ability to export efficiently is crucial for the growth and competitiveness of Industry,” Mukhtar said. “Our aim is to democratize access to global markets for exporters.”

The digital freight startup’s approach involves consolidating all shipping operations onto a single dashboard, providing clients with real-time visibility and control over their cargo. The platform enables clients to have “real-time visibility and control over their cargo, ensuring a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective shipping experience,” stated the company. Additionally, it emphasized that adopting digital freight forwarding could offer an effective solution for clients in the country’s export sector, addressing the current account deficit and contributing to the support of the national currency.

“This strategic injection of capital marks a milestone in Voyage’s journey to transform the logistics industry for Pakistani exporters,” Voyage Freight, which offers exporters an end-to-end, global shipping solution with modern technology, said as it announced the funding.

Vision for MENA region

The secured funding is expected to play a crucial role in realizing Voyage Freight’s objectives and contributing to the transformation of the international shipping sector in Pakistan and the broader MENA region.

Voyage Freight co-founder, an alumnus of University College London and the London School of Economics, envisions becoming a key player in the logistics sector within the MENA Region. The startup plans to build this foundation, starting with a strong presence in Pakistan.

The company has said its sights on becoming a key player in the logistics sector within the MENA Region, starting with a strong foundation in Pakistan. The funds would help catalyze the company’s mission to “streamline and enhance the export logistics process for Pakistan’s growing trade market, through an innovative, technology-driven platform,” the startup said in a statement.

The startup’s digital freight forwarding platform aims to provide an efficient avenue for clients in Pakistan’s export sector, addressing challenges and supporting economic growth.

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