Pakistani students to visit Japan under JENESYS youth exchange program

The Embassy of Japan in Islamabad announced on February 27, 2024, that eight Pakistani undergraduate students, hailing from Islamabad and Karachi, have been selected to participate in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) program.

This invitation, extended by the Government of Japan, will see the students embark on a journey to Japan from March 5 to 12, 2024.

To prepare the students for their upcoming venture, the Embassy of Japan hosted a pre-departure orientation session on Tuesday (Feb 27), equipping them with essential information and insights.

During the session, Kazumasa Takane, the Japanese Counsellor and Head of Public Affairs, encouraged the students to seize the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture and knowledge. He expressed admiration for the enthusiasm and talent displayed by Pakistani youth, highlighting their potential to serve as catalysts for fostering mutual understanding and friendly relations between Pakistan and Japan.

“Since my arrival in Pakistan last year, I have had the opportunity to meet many young people in Pakistan and have found them very energetic, talented, and keen to learn about Japan and its culture,” he said. He hoped that youth from Pakistan and Japan could play the role of a bridge for further promoting mutual understanding and friendly relations between the two countries.

The JENESYS program, an annual initiative, underscores Japan’s commitment to promoting capacity building and mutual understanding among youths from SAARC countries. This endeavor not only enriches the educational experiences of the participating students but also lays a foundation for enduring friendships and partnerships between Japan and SAARC nations.

JENESYS youth exchange program

Under the overarching theme of Environment, a total of 49 youths from SAARC countries have been invited to partake in this enlightening program, aimed at fostering mutual trust and understanding among the peoples of Japan and the Asia-Pacific region.

The JENESYS program, launched by the Japanese Government, aims to foster mutual trust and understanding among the youth of Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. The program emphasizes deepening participants’ comprehension of Japan’s economy, society, history, politics, and diplomatic relations.

Moreover, the program offers immersive experiences into Japan’s rich culture through lectures and site visits.

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