Pakistan’s first Air Taxi to launch in Karachi in June

Karachi is set to witness a groundbreaking development in transportation as Pakistan gears up to launch its first-ever aerial taxi service in two weeks.

The initiative, introduced by private company Sky Wings in collaboration with a foreign investor, will revolutionize travel within the country. The service is expected to be available to the public as early as June 2023, with Jinnah International Airport in Karachi already signing an agreement to support the endeavor.

“We plan to launch the service from Karachi to other regions of the Sindh and Balochistan provinces,” said Imran Aslam Khan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Sky Wings Aviation. Khan explained that individuals could easily select their desired destination and aircraft through a mobile app, similar to popular taxi booking applications.

Imran Aslam Khan, Sky Wings Aviation’s chief operating officer, speaking at the launch of new aerial service in Karachi. (Image Credit: Sky Wings)

Cost: The fare for this air travel service will be significantly lower than that of typical charter flights, which can cost as much as Rs2.5 million for a trip from Karachi to various cities in Sindh and Balochistan, the company said.

A round trip from Karachi to Nawabshah is estimated to cost Rs180,000 while flying to Gwadar from Karachi would be around Rs429,000.

Aircraft: Initially, the aerial taxi service will be equipped with eight aircraft featuring two to six seats, but additional aircraft will be introduced in the near future. The company recently acquired the Austrian single-engine four-seater DA-40 Diamond aircraft.

Khan invited popular transportation services apps such as Careem, Uber, and Bykea and private jet owners to join this initiative of Sky Wings.

A two-seater Cessna aircraft painted with Pakistani truck art at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi, Pakistan, December 30, 2020. (Image Credit: Reuters/Facebook Sky Wings)

He emphasized that this convenient mode of transportation would especially benefit the business community and urban luxury travelers. The introduction of aerial taxis is expected to provide a faster means of travel and contribute to the growth of tourism in Pakistan.

Looking ahead, Sky Wings COO Khan expressed optimism about the success of the service and called upon more individuals to join this transformative endeavor, considering the underutilization of many planes in Pakistan. Alongside the upcoming air taxi service, Sky Wings is already operating an air ambulance and conducting flight training programs, further showcasing the company’s commitment to advancing aviation services in the country.

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