Pakistan’s rising stars: 86 students complete Unicorn Black’s fully-funded 3D Animation training program

Unicorn Black, the powerhouse behind the acclaimed series Burka Avenger, recently celebrated the graduation of 86 students from its 3D animation training program.

The seven-month course, featuring 100% scholarships, aimed to equip aspiring animators with skills in:

  • 3D Animation
  • Unreal Engine and Storytelling.

The program received an overwhelming response, with thousands of applicants from across Pakistan vying for the coveted 100 spots.

As part of the final project, students collectively produced a dozen captivating short animated clips with powerful messages centered around peace themes. These clips are set to be disseminated through social media, screened at schools/colleges nationwide, and featured on Pakistani television.

Haroon, Pakistani music icon, and founder and CEO of Unicorn Black, expressed his enthusiasm for nurturing talent within the animation industry. The program shows that “There is an incredible amount of potential in the animation industry and our goal is to help it flourish in Pakistan,” he said.

Haroon added that Unicorn Black has “taught and mentored dozens of trainees who have gone on to obtain lucrative jobs in the animation industry across Pakistan, UAE, Malaysia, United States and other countries.”

Burka Avenger’s production firm is offering free online training in 3D animation
Burka Avenger’s production firm is offering free online training in 3D animation. (Image Credit: Unicorn Black)

The training course not only provided technical skills but also emphasized storytelling and narrative building. Storytelling and Peacebuilding training was conducted by Muflehun, a US-based resource center, working on the intersection of how technology, society, security and peace.

Women represent 52% in animation training porgram

Adeel Abid, COO of Unicorn Black, highlighted the program’s commitment to improving female representation in the animation industry. He stated, “Only 37% of the applications we received were from women, but it is a source of pride for us that, of those who completed the program, 52% were women.” Women representation remains woefully low in the animation industry not just in Pakistan but even in Hollywood, the percentage of female animators working on animated films is very low, Abid added.

With this initiative, Unicorn Black aims to foster talent and also address the gender gap in the animation industry.

Unicorn Black, renowned for its international hit TV series Burka Avenger, boasts an impressive array of awards, including the Peabody Award (USA), International Emmy Award Nomination (USA), Best TV Show at the Asian Media Awards (UK), Gender Equity Prize at Prix Jeunesse (Germany), and the Rising Star Award at the Canada International Film Festival.

Program to boost Pakistan’s animation and gaming industry

Many graduates, equipped with their newfound skills, have already secured positions in the animation and gaming industry throughout Pakistan. Unicorn Black has also extended job offers to several skilled graduates.

Ayesha Siddiqa, a program participant, shared her success story, saying, “With the help of our teacher’s assistance and the study materials, I was able to clarify my basics of animation. I started applying for jobs and have fortunately secured a job as a character animator at a startup.”

The global animation industry is set to reach a market size of $415 billion by 2025, presenting ample opportunities for Pakistan to become a significant player in this growing field.

The animation training provides specialized skills that can be applied not only in media but also in education, healthcare, engineering, and defense.

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