PM House goes pink as Pakistan initiates breast cancer awareness drive

The president called on removing the taboos associated with the condition for better survival rate

Prime Minister Imran Khan wore pink ribbon as a breast cancer awareness drive that will last for a month. The idea of the drive is to create awareness about breast cancer, encourage women to do self-exams and remove the taboos associated with the condition.  

The Prime Minister’s Office shared a picture of Khan with pink ribbon pinned at his waistcoat. The pink ribbon are being worn under the initiative of First Lady Samina Arif Alvi to create mass awareness on the disease in the country.

President highlights importance of awareness

President Arif Alvi, first lady Samina Alvi and a number of ministers and parliamentarians were present at an event in Islamabad associated with the initiative. The president called for better understanding of the illness among the masses and the need to remove the taboos associated with it.

“This alarming situation demands our immediate attention to raise awareness about self- examination and early detection to save lives,” the president said.

Alvi said that the general survival rate of breast cancer is around 98%. However, about 50% of the women succumb to the condition due to stigmas attached to it. He also cautioned the masses that the coronavirus was not gone yet and it is important to follow the different precautions.

The first lady said that her two main focuses were breast cancer awareness and protection of people with disabilities. She called upon the parliamentarians as well as the civic society to help in her cause. She also suggested that mammograms should be made available free of cost to help the poor patients in early detection and subsiding the cost of the treatment.

Self-testing is the key

Breast cancer typically affects women over 35 years of age. However, in recent years, the condition has been found in women as young as twenty. It is important that all women carry out a self-exam every few months after the age of 35. This can help in early detection and timely treatment of this monster.

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