PNCA to set up a National Film and Music Academy in Islamabad

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PNCA aims to establish National Film and Music Academy as well as Institute for Performing Arts

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Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) is in the process of setting up a ‘National Film Academy’ and a ‘National Music Academy’, as well as a ‘National Institute for Performing Arts’.

PNCA Director General Syed Jamal Shah aspires to set up cinema screens within the academy for revenue generation.
The Director also aims to work towards the revival of art in the country by initiating youth clubs for music, theatre, performing arts and dance, a PNCA official said.

PNCA is the hub for the promotion of art and culture in Islamabad city.

“Currently, PNCA is entirely reliant on government grants to supports its activities. We are looking into options to include the corporate sector to sponsor our events. Also, we want to develop our own assets,” the PNCA official said.

PNCA is also in talks with Saira Peter, a renowned Pakistani opera singer based in London, to perform in Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. The event is scheduled to take place later this month.

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