Pollen is in the air – 7 Tips for surviving allergy season

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As pollen is in the air, here are some effective strategies to get some relief from springtime allergies

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If your eyes are itchy and watery, you have a runny nose and scratchy throat, you know spring is in the air and so is pollen.

With the arrival of bloomy spring season the rate of pollen increase in the air. This is a tough time for those suffering from asthma and pollen allergy.

March and April are usually the time when pollen allergy hits. Pollen comes from the stamen of the plants and pollen allergy is triggered when pollen is disseminated through the air. Pollen is the most common type of allergy. Pollen is easily inhaled with your nose, mouth and nasal passages.

The situation is worse in Islamabad currently which is now considered pollen allergy capital of the world because a pollen count of 9,000 particles per cubic meter is considered minimal here. During the peak season, the pollen count in Islamabad goes above 30,000.

Dr. Hasan Arooj the directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) said that the numbers of pollen allergy patients increasing day by day in Islamabad. This year, the pollen count in Islamabad is at its highest in five years, reaching 36,695 grains per cubic meters on March 19. The severe pollen allergy also claimed the life of a young journalist Zeeshan Niazi.

Due to the severity of the allergy, Islamabad District Administration has set up a 10-day free pollen allergy relief camp at the Aabpara Community Center in Islamabad to offer relief to thousands of sufferers.

National Institute of Health (NIH) has warned citizens to avoid wooden areas because of trees, grass, and flowers which cause respiratory problems. In Islamabad, Paper Mulberry contributes highest to the pollen count, about 97% total and it touches about 40,000 per cubic meter of air at the peak season.

If you have experienced discomfort and nuisance of running nose, dry throat, sneezing, headaches, and nasal pressure then definitely you have suffered from pollen allergy.

pollen allergy

Effective strategies to get relief from pollen allergy

Here are some tips to get some relief from allergy season:

1. Nasal Spray

The nasal spray can help you when pollen allergy strikes and works faster than pills. It is easily available at different drug stores and helps to relieve a stuffy and runny nose. Blow your nose to clear nasal passage before using spray.

2. Stay Indoor

It is simply impossible to control pollen outdoors. On higher pollen days, avoid going outside especially in midday and keep house windows closed and improve your home’s indoor air quality. But if you want to go outside for work wear your mask and cover your mouth and nose as it will let you breathe pollen free.

3. Stay Away From Pets

Most people have many pets and they love to spend their time with them but in pollen allergy try to stay away from your pets because cats and dogs spend too much time outdoors and may carry pollen in their fur. If you are allergic don’t let your pets in your bedrooms and place where you spend most of your time.

4. Wash Your Hair

Before going to bed at night be sure to shower and especially wash your hair because your hair collects lots of pollen which may affect you.

5. Hot and Spicy Foods

Hot and spicy foods help to make your mucus in your nose thin down and making your nose clearer and cleaner. This empowers you to breathe more efficiently.

6. Take Supplements

Taking appropriate supplements can improve your immune system and seasonal allergies. Vitamin – C, and butterbur are useful supplements to boost your energy. Warm green tea is also a helpful supplement to the body and helps to reduce severe allergy.

7. Use a Nebulizer

Another remedy for sufferers of pollen allergy is to use a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a device that turns liquid medicine into vapor which is beneficial for lungs and helps to decrease allergy.

Salma Khan
Salma writes on topics ranging from education to technology to business. She can be reached at Twitter and Facebook.

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