Lake View Park is one of the favourite recreational spots of people of Islamabad. The park has been beautifully built alongside Rawal Lake, an artificial reservoir that fulfills water needs for the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Visiting Lake View Park can be a whole day of fun and amazing experience for the whole family. The park offers a wonderful boating, fishing, and playing opportunity and also great campground, picnic areas for the visitors. Train rides are also available for individuals who want to enjoy the beauty of the park without getting too tired.

The park features picnic points, sitting pagoda, festival arena, passenger road train. You can also enjoy Bar B.Q. as there are grills installed on different places in the park. Some of adventure sports to do at Lake View Park are boating (both paddle boats and row boats) and fishing area, swimming pool, rock climbing, paintball, car dodging and motorsports ranch.

A spacious walk-in bird aviary is the most wonderful feature of the Park. The bird-house is an enjoyable place for families and kids to take a walk among the beautiful birds and admire their beauty.

Way to Lake View Park