Ramadan 2024 – Best Sehri and Iftar deals in Islamabad

Ramadan is here and it’s time to immerse ourselves in its cherished traditions, lively atmosphere, and family get-togethers.

Gather your family and loved ones to celebrate the occasion as we uncover all the must-try Iftar and Sehri options across Islamabad in 2024.

With so many options out there, finding perfect Sehri and Iftar deals in Islamabad can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here at Islamabad Scene, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you navigate through all the delicious options in the city. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Pakistani dishes, craving some international flavors, or looking for healthy meals, our guide has something for everyone.

With our handy Ramadan 2024 guide, you’ll be sure to have an unforgettable month filled with delicious food and cherished memories.

Restaurants and cafes included in this list:


Tau’s Sehri and Iftar platter is available at all three branches – E-11 and Beverly in Islamabad and Bahria Food Street in Rawalpindi.

Cost: Sehri platter for two is Rs 2455 while the Iftar platter costs Rs.2999 at the E-11 branch and Rs 2650 per head at Beverly and Bahria.

3 Locations: Lower Ground, Beverly Center, Islamabad
Taus, Central, E-11 Islamabad
Bahria Food Street, Phase 7, Rawalpindi
Call: +92 344 5363909, 03332800002, +92518738287

Chai Mehfil

Located in the heart of Islamabad, Chai Mehfil presents an unbeatable Iftar buffet of 30+ dishes at just Rs. 1999 and a Sehri buffet at an incredible price of Rs. 1649.

Cost: Rs. 1999 + tax per head. Children aged 7 to 10 will be charged half price. Sehri buffet at Rs. 1649 + tax

Location: Super Market, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: +92 302 5542424

Basha Istanbul

Located in the heart of Islamabad, Basha Istanbul offers a delightful experience and a luxurious iftar buffet with lots of Turkish cuisine.

Cost: Price 3990-/ for the Iftar dinner buffet and Rs 2390 for Sehri buffet

Location: 6-B Bhittai Road F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: 0315 4128888

Crema Cafe

Experience the essence of Ramadan at Crema Cafe in Beverly Center, offering an Iftar Platter for just Rs 2595, where every bite brings the taste of tradition and communal dining to life.

Cost: Rs 2595

Location: Beverly Center, Blue Area, Islamabad
Call: +92 342 9998999

Sage Cafe & Grill

Sage Cafe is offering 10% off on Ramadan Iftar plus buffet till the middle of the holy month. Reservations recommended.

Cost: Rs 3055 on discount. The regular price is Rs 3395 plus tax

Location: Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.
Call: 0512656541 or 03235739536 for reservations

Cafe Sierra

This cafe, located in Super Market F-6 Markaz, offers a scrumptious Iftar platter which includes samosas, spring rolls, pakoras, chicken wings, chicken strips, potato cheese balls, Alfredo pasta, fruit chat, channa chat, trifle and Rooh Afza for drinks.

Cost: Rs 2045 + Tax

Location: Block F, 3rd Floor, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad
Call:  +92 321 5096969

Hanif Rajput

Experience the ultimate dining experience at Hanif Rajput, Islamabad’s favorite rooftop restaurant located at China Mall in G-9, offering Sehri buffet and Iftar buffet.

Cost: Sehri buffet is priced at Rs 2,050.
Iftar buffet costs Rs 3,850 plus tax for adults. Rs 2,250 for kids aged 5-8. No charges for kids under 5 years old

Location: Pak China Mall, G-9 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: +92 322 5003481 for reservations

Khyber Hujra

Experience the essence of Ramadan with Khyber Hujra’s authentic Pashtun cuisine at their eagerly anticipated Iftar cum Dinner Buffet, featuring over 35 delectable items for just Rs 2565, with special rates for kids and complimentary dining for infants.

Cost: Rs 2565 for adults. Kids under 7 will be charged half (Rs 1282).

Location: Street 36, Ideal Market, G-9/1, Islamabad Street 36, G-9/1, Islamabad
Call: Reserve your spot at 0333 777 6686 or 051 2853333

Towcheen Restaurant

Towcheen restaurant offers a special Ramadan buffet with our exclusive menu for the Iftar dinner buffet for Rs 1570 including tax.

Cost: Rs 1570/ plus tax.

Location: G-9 Markaz Islamabad
Call: 0512284869 or +92 334 7557880

Nazarr – Taste of Istanbul

Experience the true essence of Turkish cuisine this Ramadan at Nazarr, offering a lavish Iftar Dinner Buffet with a diverse array of savory and sweet flavors, along with special Sehri offerings to ensure an enriching and fulfilling dining experience throughout the holy month.

Cost: Sehri platters for Rs 1600 and Iftar platter for Rs 4000

Location: Pak Land, City Center, Shop#14 Lower Ground, I 8 Markaz
Call: +92 309 9635555

The Carnivore

Located in the heart of Islamabad, Carnivore Restaurant offers the city’s finest baked meats and an unforgettable culinary experience. You can find this restaurant in the Roomy Hotel in F-6 Markaz.

Cost: Iftar platter is complimentary after ordering the meal.

Location: Roomy Hotel Super Market, F-6 Markaz
Call: 051 8772555 or 0300 5326559

Carnivore Islamabad


Kapacious is offering a delicious Sehri and Iftar menu in Islamabad. Check out the details here:

Cost: Iftar buffet is priced at Rs 2899 + tax Iftar for adults and Rs 1450 for kids aged 5 – 10 years

Location: Megazone Entertainment Hub, Gate # 2 Bolan, F-9 Park, Islamabad
Call: Bookings can be made at 051 4718736 or 03315180999

Soho Islamabad

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Asia this Ramadan at Soho, where authentic Korean, Japanese, and Thai cuisine awaits, promising a memorable iftar experience in a chic setting with exceptional hospitality. The buffet includes prawn tempura, Korean glazed wings, Olenji Korean chicken, Thai green curry, chicken cashew nut, beef chilli dry, and Tamarind and Schezwan fish.

Cost: Rs 2700 + tax for Iftar buffet

Location: Shop no. 11-12, Ground floor, Paris Plaza, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: For reservations and orders, call 0308 0007646

Arz Lebanon

Treat your family and friends to a lavish Lebanese Iftar buffet at this authentic Arabian restaurant, boasting the exquisite taste and style of Lebanese cuisine. Arz Lebanon offers a different menu every day — check out their Instagram page for updates.

Cost: Rs 4299 + tax per head

Location: F7 Markaz Islamabad
Call: 051 8733333-2, 0333 3344441

La Montana

For a delightful iftar at a place perched atop the magnificent Margalla Hills, head to La Montana for a special dine-in set menu. The flavorful Sehri buffet is priced at Rs 1599 and the Iftar cum dinner buffet at Rs 2200 and Rs 3300.

Cost: Sehri buffet costs Rs 1599 and Iftar buffet Rs 2220 and Rs 3300 + tax

Location: Pir Sohawa, Margalla Hills
Call: 051 2898226, 051 2898227 and 0300 8508159 (reservations recommended!)

Khoka Khola

Khoka Khola Sehri and Iftar deals are available at all three locations: Beverly Center, Bahria Town Phase-7 and DHA-2. However, the special 15% discount was only available till the 10th of Ramadan at the Bahria Phase 7 Branch.

Cost: Separate Iftari platter is priced at Rs. 995 and Sehri Platter for Rs. 1295.
Iftar + Dinner Buffet is Rs 1999/ + GST per head and Sehri buffet also costs Rs 1999/ per person.

Location: Beverly Center, F-6
Acantilado, Bahria Phase 7
Jinnah Boulevard, DHA-2
Call: 051 8444929 for F-6 Islamabad. 051 8990681 for Bahria. 051-6102026 for DHA

English Tea House Islamabad

Experience the incredible Sehri and Iftar buffet at English Tea House, featuring a wide range of continental and desi dishes, along with live omelets and pancakes station, salad bar, and a dessert station.

Cost: Sehri buffet costs Rs 2245 per head and Iftar buffet dinner is Rs 3500 per head

Location: Street 16, F-7/2 next to Rana Market, Islamabad
+92 311 1122161

District 6

This Ramadan, District 6 offers special Iftar deals including an enticing buffet, takeaway platters, and dine-in Thaali options.

Cost: D6 Iftar Buffet costs Rs 3575 + tax
D6 Iftar Platter (Takeaway) is priced at Rs 2050
D6 Iftar Thaali (Dine-in) costs Rs 2350

Location: Shop 7 Block C, F-6 Markaz
Call: 03037776216 for reservations

Loafology Bakery & Cafe

Loafology Bakery in Blue Area, Islamabad, is a favorite spot offering a range of Sehri options including keto, healthy, and desi varieties, starting from Rs 1595, catering to diverse preferences during Ramadan.

Cost: Rs 2995 for Iftar. Sehri cost varies from Rs 1595 to Rs 2495

Location: Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad
Call: +92 51 2804240 or +92 300 1916252

Yer Istanbul

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Turkey at this Turkish restaurant in Islamabad, Yer Istanbul offering a stunning indoor ambiance and an affordable Iftar platter for two showcasing a delightful selection of handpicked delicacies.

Cost: Rs 1199 + tax for two-person platter

Location: Najam Market, Street 48. F8/4, Islamabad
Call: 051 8480473

Robert’s Coffee

This Finnish coffeehouse introduces a delectable Ramadan offering. Dive into a culinary adventure with a variety of starters and your choice of mains for Rs 2499.

Cost: Rs 2499 per head

Location: Shop no. 4, F-7/3, Gol market, Islamabad
Call: +92 51 8737809

Robert's Coffee Pakistan


Join Islamabad’s favorite mountain retreat this Ramadan at Monal, offering a special Sehri and Iftar dinner buffet. Monal offers a delightful culinary experience with breathtaking views.

Cost: Iftar priced at Rs. 3,995 and Sehri at Rs. 2,395

Location: Pir Sohawa
Call: 0512898044, 0512898055 or 03018433359/03368433358

Aurum Café

The Iftar platter at Aurum Cafe offers a choice of any two main courses for two persons, making it a tempting option for those seeking a delightful Ramadan experience in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Cost: Iftar platter for 2 persons costs Rs 4500

Location: Crown Plaza, Ground Floor, PTCL Exchange Service Road, F-11 Markaz
Call: +92 51 4718877

Khabbay Ki Sajji

Indulge in a special Ramadan treat at Khabbay Ki Sajji where alongside every regular order during Iftar time, enjoy a complimentary Iftar platter. The scrumptious Ramadan deal features Arabian Rice, Khabba Special Sajji, Malai Boti, Tandoori/Patakha Boti, Kabab, Handi of the day, Naan, Salad, and Afghani Mint Chutney, all for just Rs.1043. Dine-in, take away and delivery options are available.

Cost: Rs 1043 excluding tax

Location: F-10 Markaz and I-8 Markaz
Call: +92 316 5422229. Reservations recommended.

Karim’s Cafe

Savor the essence of Ramadan with a burst of flavor at Karim Cafe, situated atop Union Gold Mall in F-7 Markaz, Islamabad, offering a delightful Iftar and Sehri menu.

Cost: Iftar + dinner for Rs 2550 and Sehri buffer for Rs 1350

Location: Rooftop of Union Gold Mall, F-7 Markaz
Call: 0306-5546666

Cafe D’Grill

Savor a generous and satisfying Iftar Buffet at Cafe D’Grill, offering a diverse menu at just Rs. 2299 with a special 50% discount for kids under 10 years old.

Cost: Rs 2299 + tax

Location: Galleria, I-8 Markaz Islamabad
Call: 051 889 5559 or 0311 1147455

Khyber Dodai

Experience the authentic flavors of Khyber this Ramadan at Khyber Dodai, offering a scrumptious Iftar Dinner Buffet for Rs. 3250+tax, featuring traditional iftar fare, BBQ lamb dishes, and a variety of hot and cold mezze, salads, and sweets – perfect for gatherings with loved ones.

Cost: Iftar dinner buffet at Rs. 3250+tax per head

Location: Super Market, Sector F-6, Islamabad
Call: 0303 0066660

Khyber Dodai


Adaab restaurant invites families and friends to savor a feast of a lifetime at their Iftar cum dinner buffet, featuring a luxurious assortment of the most royal dishes in town, promising the ultimate culinary experience.

Cost: Rs 3500 for Iftar buffet

Location: Shop 5F, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: 0311 1188006


Enjoy convenient and wholesome Iftari deals at Ginyaki, the Asian restaurant, via their website and app, with takeaway and delivery options priced at Rs 2499. You can also savor wholesome dine-in platters for Rs 3199 and 1749.

Cost: Rs 2499 for takeaway Iftar deal. Rs 3199 and 1749 for dine-in options.

Locations: F7 Islamabad, Bahria Phase 4.
Centaurus Mall, Commercial Market Rawalpindi.
Call: 0336-1123888 for F-7. 0333-4795795 for Bahria. 051-2716426 for Commercial and 051-2701770 for Centaurus Mall branch.

Doka Mocca

If you wish to enjoy an irresistible and affordable Iftar buffet, head to Doka Mocca at G-8 Markaz. The Ramadan buffet features over 30 irresistibly delicious items for just Rs. 1895, with special pricing for children to ensure everyone enjoys the best of this blessed Ramadan month.

Cost: Rs 1895 + tax

Location: G-8 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: 0336-5651988 or 051-2282014, 051-2263852

Chaaye Khana

Islamabad’s oldest tea cafe, Chaaye Khana, has a special 2-person Iftar platter, featuring a delectable array of traditional delights for just Rs. 2300 plus tax.

Cost: Rs. 2300 plus tax

Location: Super Market, F-6 Markaz
Call: 051 8312192


Beef Lettuce Tomato (BLT) presents a contemporary dining experience this Ramadan, inviting guests to enjoy authentic delicacies at Iftar gatherings for Rs. 2750, and a Sehri experience for Rs. 1750.

Cost: Iftar buffets cost Rs. 2750 and a Sehri Rs. 1750

Location: Gol Market F-7
Call: 051 2610917

Tiger Temple

“Indulge in authentic Thai cuisine at Tiger Temple, where the regular menu shines with wholesome and healthy offerings, free from fillers or unnecessary fried items, perfect for satisfying your cravings this Ramada.

Cost: Rs 4699 + tax

Location: Mohammadi Plaza, Blue Area, Islamabad
Call: +92 51 8443701

Tahir Khan Restauarnt (TKR)

With its charming ambiance and breathtaking views, TKR is the perfect spot to indulge in delicious cuisine during Ramadan while soaking in nature’s beauty.

Cost: Rs. 3900 + tax

Location: Shakarparian near Pakistan Monument
Call: +92 304 1110857 and 051-2624814 / 051-2624812

Skylight by Roomy

This cafe and restaurant owned by Roomy Pakistan offer a delectable Iftar platter including dates, fruit chaat, chana chaat, sandwiches, samosas, pakoras, chicken chilli dry, egg fried rice, seekh kabab, chicken curry and more. Drinks include Rooh Afza, lemonade, tea and coffee.

Cost: Rs 3500 Iftar platter

Location: Roomy Signature Hotel, Agha Khan Road, F6, Islamabad
Call: +92 311 1444100


Elevate your Iftar experience with stunning views and a luxurious menu at Xtapa Steak & Salsa, satisfying all your Ramadan cravings for just Rs. 3295/head plus tax, with dining for kids under 5 and a half-price buffet for children aged 5 to 10.

Cost: Rs. 3295 + tax per head

Location: Rooftop, 4th Floor, Union Gold Mall, Opposite Flower Market, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad
Call: 0311 8457209

Xtapa Steak & Salsa

Which Iftari or Sehri deal catches your eye? Share your Ramadan experience and let us know if we missed your favorite restaurant in the comments below!

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