Rawalpindi set to launch integrated Transport System with 78 new buses

The Punjab caretaker government is set to introduce a new integrated transport system resembling the Metro Bus Service, featuring at least 78 electric feeder buses to run on six new routes to connect the residents of Rawalpindi to the metro bus service between twin cities.

The Rawalpindi Integrated Transport System plans to launch the project in two phases, and the buses will cover 34 routes connecting people from different areas with metro stations from Saddar to Faizabad.

“In the first phase of the feeder routes project, 78 buses will play on six routes,” Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha told Dawn, adding that the new routes had been identified.

Bus routes

The buses will operate on the following routes for the convenience of more than 110,000 people traveling between Rawalpindi and Islamabad daily:

  • Rawat Mandi Morr to Saddar: Spans a 9km route with a fleet of 12 buses dedicated to this path.
  • Islamabad Expressway (Koral Chowk) to Marrir Chowk: Provides transport with 16 buses servicing this area.
  • Dhok Kashmirian to Liaquat Bagh via Tipu Road: Offers transportation using 12 buses along this route.
  • Dhoke Kashmirian to Chandani Chowk: Covers a seven-kilometer path with 12 buses in operation.
  • Pirwadahi Morr to Marrir Chowk via GT Road: Facilitates the journey with 11 buses serving this route.
  • Faizabad to IJP Road to Khanna Pul: Ensures transport availability with 15 buses for the residents.

In the first phase, 12 busses will be operated on the route starting from Soan Bus Stand through GT Road Railway Station, Hyder Road, Islamabad Expressway through Airport Road, Rawalpindi Railway Station, and Chaklala Railway Station.

The project aims at providing convenient public transportation to the residents of twin cities, the commissioner said, adding that the provincial government plans to introduce additional feeder bus routes in the future.

He further said that the administration was working on launching a new bus service soon to connect the Islamabad airport with different areas of the twin cities.

Bus timings and fares

According to sources, the new transport system will run under the supervision of the Punjab Mass Transit Authority. The timings of the new transport system will be from 6 am to 10 pm, while the fare will be in accordance with the Metro Bus Service. The fare for these buses would be Rs20, however, Metro bus cardholders would not be charged fares for shorter distances. However, the fare for these buses would be Rs20.

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