Regula Bubb’s book ‘High-life in Pakistan’ launched in Islamabad

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Book Launch of ‘High- Life in Pakistan’ by Regula Bubb- Abderhalden

Regula Bubb-Abderhalden’s book titled ‘High-life in Pakistan’ was launched in Islamabad on Monday.

Regula Bubb lived in Pakistan and Afghanistan from 2010 to 2014 as the “trailing” spouse, as she puts it, accompanying her husband, the Swiss Ambassador at that time.

What started as a blog, written for her friends around the globe, transformed into a book with the title “High-Life in Pakistan”.

She explores and discovers an intriguing society of contrasts and her writings offer a fascinating blend of political realities mixed with the social kaleidoscope that make Pakistan such a compelling country.

Analytical, humorous, yet gentle in all the right places she deftly switches between a feudal lord’s gilded chair in Sindh to a small space on a bed between tribal women in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and then to a hard pillow on the floor in front of village elders in an Afghan refugee camp and lets us being part of her voyage in this unique narrative.

Her descriptions of the glimpses behind the veil of Pakistani society, of hilariously comic situations and heartbreaking encounters, give us a picture of the complexity of this country and society that even surprises the Pakistani reader with its refreshing view of a foreigner. She discovers and analyzes with an open mind, clearly enjoying the colorful mosaic of life in today’s Pakistan.

The chief guest at the book launch was Gen (R), Talat Masood who has also written the foreword to the book.

Regula Bubb- Abderhalden signs copies of her book, High-Life in Pakistan
Regula Bubb- Abderhalden signs copies of hers book, High-Life in Pakistan

The book ‘High-life in Pakistan’, was jointly launched by the Sahaara Group and the Asian Study Group.

Ms Regula Bubb is one of the founding members of the Sahaara group.

The Sahaara Group is an association formed by a group of friends actively engaged with promoting positive change in the community. Its members consist of Ms. Wiqarunnisa Boolani, Ms. Asma Rashid Khan, Ms. Mahreen Khan, Ms. Fareeha Hasan, Ms. Ilona Yusuf, Ms. Jasmina Makarevic (Wife of Bosnian Ambassador), Ms. Zangah Mosazai (Wife of Afghan Ambassador, Lawyer). Previously, the Group has organized events focusing on Autism awareness, female education and International Women’s Day.

The Asian Study Group is a non-profit organisation which was formed in Islamabad in the early 1970s to enable members of the community, both foreign and Pakistani, to learn more about the culture, geography, history, religions, environment, crafts and customs of the Asian region in general, and of Pakistan in particular.

Regula Bubb- Abderhalden with the authors and guests at book launch
Regula Bubb- Abderhalden with the authors and guests at book launch.

Photo courtesy: Fawad (Serena Hotel Islamabad)

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