Artistic dialogue between Berlin and Karachi

Exhibition “Through my Eyes – Soul of Pakistan” 
Photograph by Hameed Moinuddin on display at
an exhibition “Through my Eyes – Soul of Pakistan”.

Islamabad – A photo exhibition titled “Through My Eyes – Soul of Pakistan”, featuring around 50 photographs shot in Karachi by a Pakistani photographer, Hameed Moinuddin were put on display at Art Hall, Kunstklinikum in Berlin on Tuesday, October 12, 2011.

Hameed’s inspiring photographs have been beautifully integrated with poetic texts, which are written by Maria Dost, a Berlin based author and photographer. Her poetic expressions, along with the pictures, are articulated in such a way that gives an impression of artistic dialogue between Berlin and Karachi.
The week-long exhibition has been organized by Pak-German Council for Culture and Democracy which aims to improve the Pakistan and German relations. The Council promotes cooperation in the fields of culture, democracy and community work by a constant dialogue, in the form of seminars, exhibitions and festivals in Germany and aid projects in Pakistan. It also aspires to raise the mutual understanding between both countries as well as to bring together people with different backgrounds.

Hameed Moinuddin travelled from Pakistan especially for the exhibition. Hameed was born in England and has been living in Karachi since his early childhood. It was during this time that he discovered his passion for films and particularly photography. His first camera was a gift from his father and since then the camera is his permanent companion.
Hameed’s bond with Maria Dost was strengthened due to their shared love for the picture and also by daily dialogue. Maria was born in Leipzig and is living for many years in Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin wall she came across theatre and cinematography and for many years she is working in the field of documentary. Later she discovered her love and passion for writing and photography In Hameed’s photographs one can feel his love for the people, the intimacy, feeling their trials and tribulations.

‘Stay with me, just for the time, sharing a smile.. hold me, just for a moment, speaking a word .. hold me, just for the trice, of memory .. sticking on your eyes, holding your hands, being aware, of your being.’ These words of Maria on one of the pictures by Hameed, depict an untidy girl peeking at the onlooker, but if one looks into her gloomy eyes, it appears that her eyes tell a sorrowful tale of solitude.

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