Bayer Pakistan partners with Farmdar to revolutionize agriculture through AI-powered crop insights

Bayer Pakistan, subsidiary of German life science company, joined forces with Pakistani agritech company Farmdar to usher in a new era of AI-driven crop insights and reshape the agricultural landscape of the country.

The partnership, unveiled on August 22, 2023, is poised to harness the potential of artificial intelligence and remote sensing to provide precise and actionable data on crops.

“Digital solutions like Farmdar‘s provide an avenue to leverage data analytics and satellite-assisted crop scans, effectively bridging vital knowledge gaps. This technology infusion is imperative for agriculture. With this collaboration, our goal is to not only bolster farmers’ productivity but also to optimize the utilization of scarce resources, thus benefiting both the farming industry and the broader economy.” Ahmed Ali, Bayer Pakistan’s Managing Director and CEO, said.

Bayer Pakistan‘s Crop Science division, recognized for its comprehensive range of crop protection and seed offerings, is unwavering in its commitment to advancing the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in the nation. By fostering sustainable growth and heightened productivity while optimizing resources, the division aims to propel the entire agricultural sector towards sustainable prosperity.

Real-time tracking of crops

Farmdar’s data will facilitate real-time tracking of crops, empowering stakeholders with instantaneous insights. The integration of these insights promises data-driven decisions throughout the crop cycle, in turn elevating productivity, curbing farming expenses, and enhancing resilience against climate change’s impact on agriculture.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Bayer, a company deeply rooted in empowering Pakistani farmers. Farmdar’s AI and digital technology will equip farmers with the tools for informed decision-making. Embracing such technology aligns with our vision of enhancing food security,” said Muzaffar Manghi, co-founder of Farmdar, while echoing his sentiments.

Bayer’s commitment extends to global food security, environmental preservation, and sustainable resource management. Having made a significant impact in Pakistan‘s agriculture and healthcare sectors for over six decades, Bayer continues to operate its Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Health divisions in alignment with the global vision “Health for All, Hunger for None.”

Farmdar story

Founded in 2021 by childhood friends Muhammed Bukhari, Muzaffar Manghi, and Ibrahim Bokhari, a third-generation large farmer, Farmdar embarked on its mission to revolutionize agriculture.

The founders, motivated by their experiences exporting produce, recognized the quality gap in Pakistani produce in international markets. Farmdar’s AI-driven insights are poised to bridge this gap and elevate Pakistan’s agricultural prowess.

The founders’ blend of expertise—ranging from agriculture, marketing, and finance—adds a unique dimension to Farmdar’s approach.

By leveraging remote sensing and AI, Farmdar is primed to enhance yield, quality, and sustainability while minimizing waste.

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