Book on Militancy launched

Islamabad — Journalist Zahid Hussain says, Lal Masjid tragedy triggered the wave of suicide bombing and terrorism in Pakistan and the death of Ghazi Abdul Rashid has not helped end terrorism in the country.
He was speaking at the launching ceremony of his book titled “The Relentless Rise of Islamic Militants in Pakistan: The Scorpion’s Tail” on Saturday. He said that that Lal Masjid operation had inspired him to write a book to unfold the realities behind series of terrorism acts in Pakistan.
The book launch ceremony was attended by Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, former Ambassador of Pakistan to USA, I.A Rehman, a columnist, Riaz Muhammad Khan, a former bureaucrat, educationists, defence strategists, bureaucrats, human rights activists, and students.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, said the book is a valuable contribution to the debate about the inconsistencies and gaps in US strategy and its destabilizing effects on Pakistan. While commenting on the current scenario of counter terrorism she argued that avoidance of responsibility and giving concessions to militants paved the way for rising militancy in the tribal areas where the government was now facing strong resistance from the armed groups.

I.A Rehman said “It is quite unfortunate that our rulers switch over from appeasement to confrontation and then again to appeasement due to which we lost both our direction and target of wiping out militancy from the tribal areas.”
Riaz Muhammad Khan, a former bureaucrat, said “If we want to win this war against terrorism then everyone should realize the fact that this is our struggle and our war and we have to win it at any cost for solidarity of this country.” The book is based on extensive reporting inside Pakistan’s dangerous lawless regions and exclusive interviews with militant leaders as well as high-level military and intelligence sources.

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