Fro-Yo on the go: Yogen-Fruz opens in Islamabad

Frozen yogurt is undoubtedly the latest buzzword in town! Known as healthier substitute for heavy desserts particularly ice-cream, frozen yogurt is recently gaining popularity in Pakistan with all its funky and healthy hype. Frozen yogurt (more commonly called Fro-Yo) is a fusion of ice-cream and yogurt, offering an innovative blend of healthy and delicious treat.

The latest delicious addition in town, providing delectable yet diet-friendly treat is Yogen-Früz is, international chain of frozen yogurt and smoothie store that opened up last week in Islamabad’s super market. Though the delightful poster of ‘Yogen-Früz’ has been attracting the passersby for quite a time; but it was only recently that they recognise the inside of the shop plus the foodstuff is equally appealing and vibrant.

The Fro-Yo shop offers a flavoursome and a guilt-free indulgence for all, providing delicious and nutritious frozen desserts, to calm your sweet tooth for fewer calories and less fat. The frozen treat at Yogen-Früz has a fresh, delicious, nutritious taste – with unlimited flavours and colourful toppings – just what is desired by the people of modern age to live a healthy and active lifestyle. In today’s world of information, with ever-increasing healthy trends, many consumer brands have come to rescue their health-conscious consumers to make informed choices. And frozen yogurt is one of those diet-friendly treats for people of all ages.

The funky cold treat that is just recently finding its way into Pakistani shops and hearts of foodies, was welcomed by the United States since the late ‘70s and ‘80s when people were simply in love with the new and healthy alternative to ice-cream being aware of their diets. Although the frozen yogurt franchise industry endured a decline in the late 1990’s, but the Fro-Yo business is apparently making a huge comeback since the last decade, with new franchises blossoming in some part of the world. The frozen yogurt fad is coming back again offering creative varieties of flavours, toppings and unique services.

Yogen-Früz is the reality once dreamt by two young brothers, who opened a small store with an extraordinary product and a great design, in 1986 in Toronto, (Canada). Their idea was to provide consumers a unique health experience unlike any they had tasted before. Today, Yogen Früz has grown to be a leader in the frozen yogurt industry with more than 1300 funky Fro-Yo locations in 35 countries around the globe.

Yogen Fruz islamabad

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