Javed Afridi envisions Pakistan’s first bullet train

The bullet train will take less than six hours from Peshawar to Karachi

Javed Afridi, the CEO of Haier Pakistan and the owner of Peshawar Zalmi Franchise is looking to partner with Chinese companies to start a bullet train service between Peshawar and Karachi. The train tracks will run next to the motorway as per a series of tweets by Afridi. The proposed train will have a top speed of 350 km/h and will cover the distance of 1872 kms in less than six hours.

Revolutionizing the travel

The project can be called as ambitious at the moment. The cost of setting up such a long track across the country will run in billions of dollars. At the same time, fencing is very much needed to ensure that people and livestock do not come across the bullet train. However, should the project be executed, it will certainly revolutionize the travelling in Pakistan and reduce the travel time significantly.

Bullet Trains

The bullet trains concept comes from Japan where high-speed railway lines were used to connect various cities. This helped in greater economic activity. With time, the Japanese bullet trains have been getting faster and faster and currently, trains are running at 320 km/h. Trains as fast as 600 km/h have been tested successfully though achieving the speed at a commercial level will take some time. Other than Japan, China is also very active in developing a high-speed railway network due to the sheer size of the country.  

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