Pakistan and India should fight common challenges instead of war: PM Imran Khan

PM Imran Khan stressed for regional peace at Margalla Dialogue 2019 organised by IPRI

Prime Minister Imran Khan urged for regional peace and emphasized that friendly relations between Pakistan and India are vital for peace in South Asia.

“Rather than fighting each other, together we [Pakistan and India] can fight poverty, challenges of climate change and hunger,” the prime minister said. He was addressing the concluding session of Margalla Dialogue 2019 on “Peace and development in South Asia, Middle East and Central Asia” on Nov 14 organised by Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI).

He warned the international community that a very serious situation was developing in the region because of India and said: “This is the time that the international community should step in; otherwise the consequences will affect the entire world.” He reminded the world that India was in the “hands of extremist ideologists and racists” who were promoting the “ideology of hate” in the South Asian region.

Referring to Iran-Saudi Arabia and Iran-US conflicts, the prime minister said Pakistan would not fight the war of any other country. Pakistan had suffered a lot due to its policy of becoming a part of foreign conflicts in the past, he said, vowing that the country “from now onwards will only play a conciliatory role between rival nations”.

The premier informed the audience that Pakistan was heading towards the path of progress by taking corrective measures.

The two-day dialogue organised by IPRI gathered security and political experts from 13 countries to discuss the scenario of current challenges in the region.

Spread over four sessions, the talks focused on pressing contemporary issues, including the Kashmir dispute, the Afghanistan conflict, the persistent crisis in the Middle East, Pakistan’s role in geopolitics, cyber-security, climate change and water security.

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