Pakistan to shut down all educational institutions from November 26

Winter vacations will commence on December 25th till January 10th, 2021

The Education Minister Shafqat Mehmood announced that the educational institutions across the country will be shut down on November 26. These include schools, colleges, and tuition centers. The decision was expected in the wake of a second wave of coronavirus hitting the country. The educational institutions are expected to reopen on January 11. Online classes will take place during this period.

“Where possible, homework will be given out online. Where this is not possible, the provincial governments will decide the course of action. But all efforts will be made to make sure that education continues from home.”

Mehmood emphasized that “home learning” will continue from November 26 to December 24. “From December 25 till January 10, 2021, there will be winter vacations. Then from January 11, if the situation improves, we hope we can once again open all educational institutions,” the minister said.

Examinations during the mentioned period have also been delayed and will take place after January 15th next year. However, professional bodies may continue to hold their exams as per the announced dates during this period.

Corona on the rise

Coronavirus has made a strong comeback in Pakistan with over 2,500 cases being reported on a daily basis. The number of deaths from the virus has also risen and even crossed 50 in a single day recently. Closing down educational institutions can certainly help slow down the increase in cases. It is important that the government develops a proper online teaching process to facilitate both the teachers and the students. So far, half-baked measures have caused problems for all stakeholders.

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