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Pakistani convoy of 21 trucks carrying 275 tons of relief goods reaches Turkey

A truck convoy consisting of 21 vehicles and carrying 275 tons of relief goods from Pakistan has arrived in Malatya to help those affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake earlier this month that devastated several cities in Turkiye and Syria.

The convoy, which mainly carried winterized tents, blankets, and other essential relief goods, departed from Pakistan on Feb. 11 and reached Turkiye via Iran, the state-run Radio Pakistan broadcaster reported.

Deadly earthquake

The earthquake, which occurred on Feb. 6, has caused widespread destruction in the affected areas, with death toll currently set at 41,156 people, but experts warn that the number is likely to rise as rescue operations continue and the rubble is cleared. Over 160,000 buildings, containing 520,000 apartments, have collapsed or been severely damaged, as reported by authorities.

Pakistan’s relief efforts

Pakistan has been extending its support to Turkiye ever since the earthquake hit the country. The Pakistani government established an air bridge between Islamabad and Ankara to transport rescue teams and deliver essential relief goods, while also dispatching assistance via road. The recent arrival of the truck convoy carrying relief goods further underscores Pakistan’s commitment to helping its brotherly nation in times of need.

Upon arrival, the truck convoy was received by Deputy Mayor Malatya Hakan Ezgi, Ambassador Fazli Corman of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan Embassy Deputy Ambassador Abbas Sarwar Qureshi, Commander Mehmet Bhaktiyar, and officials from AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of Turkiye) and the local administration. Qureshi, in his remarks on the occasion, emphasized the glorious history of Pakistan and Turkiye supporting each other under all circumstances.

The Malatya deputy mayor also expressed his gratitude towards Pakistan saying: “The trucks have not only brought relief goods but tons of prayers and best wishes from Pakistanis whose hearts beat with the hearts of Turkish brethren.” 

Meanwhile, twenty flights have already delivered relief assistance to Turkiye, while a ship carrying additional relief goods is expected to depart from Pakistan for Turkiye soon.

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