Pakistani girl Emma Alam wins World Memory Championship 2020

Pakistan team won 13 medals and broke multiple world records during the championship

Pakistani girl, Emma Alam, has been declared the winner of World Memory Championship 2020 with the highest accumulated points. She also broke three world records in the championship which more than 300 competitors had participated from 16 countries.

“Congratulations to Emma Alam, one of the great sporting achievers for Pakistan, a unique heroine in Pandemic stricken 2020, and supreme grand world memory champion for 2020” said Raymond Keene, President of
World Memory Sports Council.

Emma Alam breaks 3 world records

  • 218 names memorized in 15 minutes
  • 195 dates (fictional) memorized in 5 minutes
  • 410 random words memorized in order in 15 minutes

Emma Alam, said that she was “thrilled to win” as she given her best to WMC 2020, “backed by a lot of daily practice for the past two years with my coach and the institute.”

“It still astonishes me how powerful the mechanism of human memory is and the brain’s infinite information storage system”, she said as she announced to compete again next year with even better performance.

Emma Alam is currently completing her studies through homeschooling. She has won various prizes in memory championships including the 3rd Asia Pacific Memory Championship in Malaysia, and the 28th World Memory Championship in China.

Pakistan team wins overall championship

Pakistan team won the overall championship title, winning 13 medals and breaking 4 world records. Emma Alam and Syeda Kisa Zehra broke multiple World Records in this year’s championship.

Emma Alam – World Memory Champion 2020

  • Gold Medal – Names & Faces (Broke World Record)
  • Gold Medal – Random Words (Broke World Record)
  • Silver Medal – Historic & Future Dates (Broke World Record)
  • Silver Medal – Binary Digits
  • Silver Medal – Speed Number
  • Bronze Medal – Abstract Images
  • Bronze Medal – Spoken Number

Abeerah Ather – 7th in 2020’s Global Ranking

  • Gold Medal – Speed Number
  • Silver Medal – Names & Faces
  • Silver Medal – Random Words
  • Bronze Medal – Historic & Future Dates

Syeda Kisa Zehra – 33rd in 2020’s Global Ranking

  • Gold – Historic & Future Dates (Broke World Record)
  • Bronze – Names & Faces

Syed Nabeel Hasan – 41st in 2020’s Global Ranking

Pakistan team was trained under the Institute of Human Memory Development International (IHMD).

Salma Khan
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