Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara missing after K2 summit

No contact has been made with Sadpara or his team since yesterday

Pakistani mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara and two other climbers from Chile and Iceland are reported missing after their expedition to K2. No contact has been made with the trio on return from their mission since yesterday and a rescue operation is underway.

Shigar district Assistant Commissioner Waqas Johar said that the mission has been launched to rescue the missing climbers. He said that the high altitude porters have reached Camp-1 where they will stay for the night.    

Sadpara had to abort the ascension due to issue with oxygen gear. Climbing K2 is the winters has been a near impossible task until recently when an expedition from Nepal was able to achieve the feat. Many people have died, including personnel from the recent trek attempting to climb the world’s second largest peak during winters. Due to the extreme nature of K2, it is much less attempted, even in summers compared to Mount Everest.

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