Friday, September 22, 2023

President Alvi launches “Ulama – Ambassadors of Girls Education” campaign

President Dr. Arif Alvi, on Monday, digitally launched the “Ulama – Ambassadors of Girls Education” campaign initiated by the Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education in collaboration with the Council of Islamic Ideology.

A number of well-known Ulama of all sects from across the country attended the launch ceremony, according to a press release issued on Dec. 27. The campaign aims at promoting girls’ education and ending the discrepancies that exist in the education sector. The Ulama also assured to become Ambassadors of Girls Education and to support PAGE, CII, and the Government of Pakistan to raise awareness about the equal importance of education for both genders in light of Islam.

Speaking at the occasion, President Dr. Arif Alvi said that Islam has been accused of gender inequality a number of times, and the disparity in educational opportunities between men and women in many Muslim countries is often cited as a primary example. He highlighted that knowledge is one of the most important pillars of Islam, adding that there is no disagreement found within Islam on the acquisition of knowledge being obligatory and binding. He recognized that the awareness and improvement of the status of Girl’s Education cannot take place without Ulama’s assistance.

He also added that including the promotion of Girls Education in Friday Sermons and utilizing mosques to educate the out-of-school children can contribute to the betterment of the overall status of Girls Education in Pakistan.

Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology Dr. Qibla Ayaz stated that the Ulama are very much in favor of girls’ education across Pakistan and they will continue to support girls’ education in their corresponding areas and regions with the goal to empower girls of Pakistan.

Fajer Rabia Pasha, Executive Director Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education, emphasized that the engagement of Ulama sends a positive message to the world, adding that the current challenges demand a special focus on girls’ education, particularly improving their access to quality education facilities by creating an affable conducive environment for girls that tackles the social religious and socio-economic barriers, typically faced by the Pakistani girls. This is where the collaboration with the Council of Islamic Ideology can make a visible impact.

Honorable Chairman CII, while shedding light on the equal importance of education for both genders said that the excellence of knowledge has been highlighted both directly and indirectly in Islam and that Islam does not give the message of opposing acquirement of education for girls but it promotes education of men and women equally. 

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