‘Save Wildlife’ – theme of Arif’s landscape art

Sana Jamal

ISLAMABAD: The panoramic paintings of Muhammad Arif Khan compel the onlookers to consider the potential threat of natural as well as man-made disasters on Pakistan’s wildlife and to help preserve the natural beauty.

“This is a painter’s way to conserve the natural assets of Pakistan” said Muhammad Arif Khan – a Mansehra based artist at his painting display at Jharoka Art Gallery in Islamabad.
The landscape art titled “Colours of Pakistan – Save Wildlife” by Arif Khan is an effort to highlight the issues and threat to Pakistan’s wildlife and to preserve country’s natural beauty.
“The growing mess, chaos, terrorism and other disgruntled attributes have rendered the environment” this is why he felt the need to raise awareness on this serious issue through his paintings, Arif said.

“We are facing a wildlife preservation crisis and it is high time the idea was made public” said Nahida Raza of Jharoka Art Gallery. She brings the works of new artists from across Pakistan and houses them at Jharoka. 
The eye-catching views of the northern parts of Pakistan give an impression of tranquility and peaceful environment to the onlookers. Nahida was of the view that Arif Khan’s paintings not only add colour to the walls but provide a sense of peace and serenity in the minds of the onlookers.
The grand mountains, lush green valleys, smoke-like clouds, glittering waters in Arif’s paintings takes the viewers into a world of serenity and tranquility from the chaotic world of hustle-bustle.
A real artist does not work unless he feels stirred by the force of internal or external effects of circumstances on his mind. Arif said “over the years our forest reserves are being depleted and it’s a great peril to wildlife which endangers the species, fauna and flora” hence he started working on this cause to prevent nature.
“The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the importance of Nature having specific relationship with wildlife and the human being” Arif maintained.

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