Turkey sets up tent city for flood victims in Pakistan

Turkiye’s state-owned disaster and management agency AFAD has set up a tent city in Jamshoro, Sindh, for the flood affectees of the province.

The tent city named after the Turkish President as ‘Recep Tayyip Erdogan tent city’ was set up at PAF air base Bholari in Jamshoro on Sunday.

Turkish Diplomat in Karachi, Cemal Sangu, Deputy Head of AFAD, Önder Bozkurt along with the agency’s key representatives, and Air Vice Marshall Zaeem Afzal attended the inauguration ceremony of the facility, established in collaboration with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), and Baitussalam Trust in Bholari.

About ‘Tayyip Erdogan tent city’

Currently, the facility comprises of total 200 tents which are accommodating more than 500 people displaced by the calamitous floods caused by the monsoon rains.

A total of 130 families from different areas had been settled in the newly established tent city, according to Air Vice Marshall Zaeem Afzal who further added that the number would be raised to 500 in the future.

Turkiye stands by Pakistan

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Cemal Sangu, the Turkish Consul General said Turkiye was deeply saddened over the loss of life and property in Pakistan due to flooding, and “in this troubled time, we stand by Pakistan.”

14 cargo planes carrying 212 tonnes of relief goods, and 13 trains of aid items had reached Pakistan till now while more goods would come by Monday in a relief airlift and trains told the Consul General.

In his response, PAF’s Air Vice Marshall Zaeem Afzal showed his gratitude to the Turkish government for providing humanitarian assistance to Pakistan

According to Deputy Head of AFAD, Önder Bozkurt, nearly 30,000 tents have already been dispersed by the AFAD in 19 different regions which would provide temporary housing to almost 200,000 displaced people.

Further, relief items consisting of 50,000 tents, 500,000 food packages, and hygiene materials, are planned to be dispatched to the region soon, under the coordination of the AFAD Presidency.

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