19-year-old becomes the youngest Pakistani to summit Everest

Pakistani teenager Shehroze Kashif conquers Mount Everest

Shehroze Kashif, a 19-year-old from Lahore, did the nation proud by becoming the youngest Pakistani to conquer Mount Everest. He also previously conquered the 8047 meters high Broad Peak and is known as the “Broad Boy”.

Nepalese mountaineer and the expedition manager of Seven Summit Treks, Chhang Dawa Sherpa, congratulated him on this amazing feat. “This morning Kashif successfully climbed the Mt. Everest as a part of Seven Summit Treks — Everest Expedition 2021,” he confirmed.

Kashif’s official page also confirmed the big update. “ALHAMDULILLAH ALHAMDULILLAH. Received the text confirmation from Shehroze Kashif. History has been made !!!!!!!!! Ma Sha Allah Shehroze has summited Everest.” He has stayed in touch with his fans through social media for the length of the expedition.

The teenager was at the base camp for a month to acclimatize himself to the harsh manner. In an earlier interview, he pointed towards the difficult training for this extreme sport. “There is no comparison between the training levels of a cricketer and a mountaineer. Sometimes, we have to climb for 26-hours in one go,” he said.

He also said that the sport took a lot of sacrifice and a strict harsh physical routine. He said that even the brain stops working after a certain altitude.  

“The strongest thing in the world is the human mind, you cannot beat it. If your brain stops working at a higher altitude, that’s a big thing. You have to train yourself for those conditions,” Kashif said. “Mountaineering doesn’t ask for compromise, mountaineering asks for sacrifice.”

Pakistani mountaineers have been high quality throughout the ages but often fail to secure the much-needed sponsorships to pursue the career full time. We have had many legends including Nazir Sabir, the recently deceased Ali Sadpara, and Samina Baig to name a few. It is imperative that both the government and the corporate sector pay attention to this area as well.

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