30,000 COVID-19 patients recover in Pakistan

Nearly 35% of coronavirus patients in Pakistan have recovered

Pakistan is one of the more affected countries by the novel coronavirus, with more than 85,000 people testing positive. However, on the bright side, Pakistan also has over 30,000 people that have recovered from the virus, which is one of the highest numbers of recoveries in the world.

So far, 35.1% of the patients have recovered in Pakistan. The number of deaths is also somewhat low, with 2.1% of the total positive tests. However, the number of positive tests and deaths have both been moving upwards in the last few weeks, which is alarming.

Sindh has the highest number of recovered cases with over 16,000. That accounts for half of all the COVID-19 positive cases in the province. Punjab has over 22,000 active cases, with about 8,000 people recovering.

Islamabad has approximately 3,000 cases, out of which, over 500 have recovered. The total cases in Balochistan have been a little over 5,000, with more than 2,000 people recovering completely. The number of cases in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir has been relatively low.

Pakistan has been in lockdown for months now. Over some time, the restrictions have been minimized, and certain aspects of life have returned to normalcy. However, this poses a risk of a spike in the number of cases, especially after marathon Eid shopping recently observed. Prime Minister’s special assistant Dr. Zafar Mirza recently hinted that the lockdown could be re-imposed.

Healthcare facilities in Pakistan are actively looking to find a cure to the coronavirus. One of the advancements that have taken place is the use of Plasma treatment, which yielded success in the initial testing phase. More work is currently being done on that front.

Pakistan is also manufacturing Remdesivir, a drug that is being used internationally to treat the novel coronavirus. Currently, the drug is being manufactured for both local and international use.

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