7 reasons to love Islamabad, the beautiful capital city of Pakistan

Islamabad – a stunning and trendy capital city I fell in love with

By Umana Khan

Pakistan has the most striking, must-visit cultural, religious and historic sites in Pakistan, from Lahore to Karachi to Islamabad. However, the capital city of Pakistan indeed takes top honors for being the most beautiful and amazing city. But before you Karachites and Lahoris charge at me with a debate on which city is the best, let’s get one thing straight: All cities have their distinct set of attractions and flaws that make them equally unique – So no comparisons, please.

But what makes Islamabad so different, stunning and unique is that the capital city is blessed with breathtaking natural wonders alongside great infrastructure which is an added attraction for foreigners and tourists. This is what makes it an incredibly attractive and exciting place to visit.

Here are some of the reasons that made me love Islamabad profoundly:

1. Beautiful Islamabad Rain

If you think Islamabad is pretty in the mist-filled winters, try visiting it in the monsoons. The pouring rain over the glorious hills makes the city mesmerizingly beautiful.

Winter chill has engulfed Islamabad, leading to a marked drop in temperature after the rainfall on Sunday, 25 October, 2015.
Islamabad on a rainy day

2. This city is way too clean

While the rest of Pakistan is busy complaining about pollution in all its heinous forms, Islamabad enjoys a clean and scenic, aesthetic environment that is indeed a treat for the eyes.

Aiwan-e-Quaid building in Fatima Jinnah Park Islamabad
Aiwan-e-Quaid building in Fatima Jinnah Park Islamabad

3. It’s a small city so everyone is socially connected

The population of Islamabad is 2 million, while Karachi alone inhabits as many as 10 million people (according to the last census). Islamabad is therefore not overcrowded but well connected. One is always guaranteed to bump into someone they know whenever they step out of the house; be it a teacher, a relative, a friend, or a friend of a relative – Everybody knows everyone in one way or another!

people greet in Islamabad

4. You can visit the stunning Margalla Hills every other weekend

Others may have to travel miles to be among the marvelous mountains. But the people of Islamabad have an unparalleled advantage of exploring amazing natural beauty right in their backyard. How can anyone get weary of such an amazing view?

Margalla Hills and Pir sohawa received light snowfall after almost ten years on 11 Feb. 2016.
Beautiful Margalla Hills and Pir Sohawa after light snowfall on hills in Feb 2016

5. Every Friday Prayer feels like Eid in Faisal Mosque

The beauty and majesty of the Faisal Mosque is sure to enthrall you. The novel design of the Mosque, the expansive open spaces, symmetry and white pillars against the backdrop of Margalla is an unparallel sight. Besides, every Friday prayer at the Faisal Mosque feels like Eid.

Faisal Mosque - the biggest Mosque of Pakistan
Faisal Mosque – the biggest Mosque of Pakistan

6. Shopping at the awesome Centaurus Mall

This world-class Centaurus Mall located in the heart of the city is a great place to go shopping, and the amazing architecture particularly draws the attention of all its visitors.

Centaurus Islamabad
Centaurus Islamabad

7. Islamabad is very, very Green and clean

One thing that a person can’t seem to get over when visiting Islamabad is how green this city is! The greenery is bound to mesmerize and stay in your head long after you are gone. While Karachi and Lahore are plastered with huge billboards and building, Islamabad is decorated with luscious green scenery throughout.

Lake View Park in Islamabad
Lake View Park

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