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France welcomes Pakistan’s ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement

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Pakistan ratifies the historic Paris Climate Agreement as it becomes an international law

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As the historic Paris Agreement to combat climate change becomes international law on Friday, Pakistan has also ratified the agreement aimed at containing global warming by cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

France has welcomed Pakistan’s decision to ratify on October 2 the landmark Paris Climate Change agreement whic signals the beginning of a new chapter for humankind.

On this special day, French Ambassador H.E. Martine Dorance has warmly welcomed Pakistan’s ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement

“It is an extremely positive sign as it reflects Pakistan’s commitment to the fight against climate change, one year after the Paris COP21 and just a few days before the next international Conference, the COP22, starts in Marrakesh. I also here welcome the announcements of the Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid on the adoption of a new national contribution as well as of a new Pakistan’s climate change bill”.

The purpose of the Paris Agreement is to spur governments around the world into taking the action necessary to limit global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

This milestone comes just ahead of COP22, starting in Marrakesh next week, where delegates will start the work necessary to implement the Paris Agreement. These latest climate talks will thrash out the detail of the Paris Agreement, developing rules and procedures to ensure real and equitable worldwide progress on addressing climate change

“No other multilateral treaty of such importance has ever been ratified by so many countries in such a short period of time. The agreement has now been ratified by more than 80 states accounting jointly for more than 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions .. France will stay committed as it is now time to implement the agreement. Marrakesh will be the first follow-up conference to the Paris Agreement and will be devoted to climate action” H.E. Martine Dorance added.

In his address, Minister for Climate Change, Zahid Hamid said “We now look forward to implementation of the Agreement, and I am pleased to inform that ratification of it by Pakistan is imminent.”

Sharing the good news of ratification, Mr. Hamid informed the audience that Pakistan is in the process of finalizing Pakistan Climate Change Bill. He concluded by outlining a future plan of action and thanking Ambassador Dorence for the assistance provided to his ministry. “The embassy played a pivotal role in creating awareness of COP 21; facilitating participation of the Pakistani delegation and organizing other events,” he said.

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