Air cargo control unit established at the Islamabad International Airport

In 2019, the Units in Pakistan stopped 40 attempts of narcotics trafficking

The 3rd Air Cargo Control unit (ACCU) at the Islamabad International Airport. The unit will be entrusted with identifying illicit materials on inbound and outbound consignments. These units are already operational in Karachi (since 2016) and Lahore (since 2018) and will be added to more airports in the country.

Smugglers have been using cargo shipments for their illegal trade by carefully packaging their substances in genuine cargo. To address this challenge, UNODC and World Customs Organization (WCO) developed the Container Control Program concept and methodology which invests on human resource development and training profiling experts. The aim is to bring the best of counterpart agencies together and streamline the focus of the Unit on risk analysis, joint profiling and targeting in an inter-agency setup.

The UNODC-WCO Container Control Program was initiated in 2004 and Pakistan was among the first countries to join the initiative, with the first unit being established in Karachi seaport. With promising results of the Karachi Port Control Unit, Pakistan volunteered to be the host of the very first CCP Air Cargo Control Unit at Karachi International Airport.

In 2019, the Units in Pakistan stopped 40 attempts of narcotics trafficking resulting in seizures of total 128 kg Heroin, 25 kg Cocaine, 303 kg Ketamine and 9 kg Methamphetamines. Most frequent destination of these seizures were United Kingdoms (19 cases), Canada (5 cases) and Malaysia (3 cases).

 “The success of the Container Control Programme in Pakistan is a result of the great commitment from national counterparts” said Mr. Jeremy Milsom, UNODC Representative for the Country. “This is a great example where the joint initiative of UNODC and WCO flourishes through national counterparts’ reception, collaboration and appreciation” he added.

The Governments of Japan and the United States of America, the major donors to the establishment of Islamabad ACCU, were appreciated at the event. Other major donors of the Global Container Control Program include Australia, Canada, Denmark, European Union, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, and United Kingdoms.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Country Office Pakistan along with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the UNODC Container Control Program (CCP), in partnership with national counterparts Anti-Narcotics Force, Civil Aviation Authorities, and Pakistan Customs were present at the event

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