Hindus hold protest in Islamabad against the mysterious deaths of 11 migrants in India

The family moved to India and were reportedly pressurized to spy on Pakistan

Pakistan’s minority Hindus rallied in Islamabad protesting the mysterious deaths of 11 members of a Hindu migrant family that died in India last month. While the local media claimed that the family committed suicide, one of their relatives residing in India called it a mass murder for not agreeing to spy on Pakistan.

The relatives of the migrants have held rallies in Pakistan’s Sindh province previously. However, this was the first time they demonstrated to the country’s capital, vowing to stage a sit-in near the Indian Embassy. They have a minor clash with the law enforcers as well.

The protesters accuse India’s secret service of poisoning the 11 Hindus, who were found dead at a farmhouse in India’s Jodhpur district in Rajasthan state. The demonstrators arrived in Islamabad around midnight, chanting, “We want justice.”

Leaders meet Foreign Minister

Ramesh Kumar, a top leader of the Hindu community who led Thursday’s protest, met Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Pakistan foreign minister for help on the matter. He wanted the government to pressurize India to release details about the deaths.

In his meeting with Qureshi, Kumar said Shrimati Mukhi, the daughter of the head of the family that died, had levelled the poisoning accusations. She earlier this month told local media that India allegedly pressured the family to issue a statement denouncing Pakistan’s government. There was no official comment from India on the allegations.

Last week, Pakistan summoned an Indian diplomat to convey concerns over the “Jodhpur incident.” A subsequent ministry statement said India had “failed to share any substantive details regarding the cause and circumstances of the deaths” of the Hindus and asked for a comprehensive investigation.

Pakistan has also asked for access to a Hindu worker who was at the Jodhpur farm at the time of the deaths, according to government officials.

Tough life in India

Another Hindu migrant family residing in India has asked the Pakistani government to help them move back. The head of the family said that India showed them a bright picture but in reality, they were forced to live in much worse conditions than in Pakistan. They were also facing different kinds of social pressures and wanted to move back.

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