Artistic way to bid farewell to 2010

A remarkable exhibition of 76 paintings, prints and sculptures by 29 artists was held at Gallery 6, Islamabad to bid farewell to year 2010 in an artistic manner.
Upon entering the gallery, one is bound to get enthralled by the paintings that sparkle with energy which fill one’s soul with positivity and brings liveliness to the mood. Each painting was a testimony of the strength of imagination of the artist, his/her well-balance composition and masterly execution.
The artists’ whose noteworthy paintings were put on display included Sadequain, Akram Spaul, Abid Hasan, Akram Dost, Arjumand Awan, Asim, Babar Mughal, Matloob Baig, Shahla Rafi, Rashid Arshed, Masood A. Khan, Omar Waheed, Munib Khan, Tayyab Munawwar, Aleemdad, Sana Arjumand, Arjumand Hussain, Amjad Hussain, Arsalan Naqvi, Nida Bangash, Nazir Ahmed, Mutaib Shah, Imran Jatoi, Irfan Dehri, Saima Ali, Kausar Iqbal, Imran Hunzai and Tariq Luni.

Three paintings of the grand painter of Pakistan, Sadequain were also on display. This limited-edition work has never been seen or documented before in Pakistan or elsewhere before.

The first set of paintings was by Shahla Rafi, a landscape painter who has been painting landscapes from 1970s which fall into the realm of romantic realism – a striking example where volition, value and objective reality.
Next in line were Abid Hasan’s full of life abstract painting through the application of paints and chemical processes on silver paper applied on canvases or boards. His compositions were outstandingly shimmering, intense and lively, reflecting an inner powerful voice that cannot remain unheard.
Asim, Lahore-based teacher, presented a unique work with cloth, beads and silver and golden threads adding a vivacious look as well as uniqueness to his work.

Akram Spaul, a realistic painter with over 21 years of experience explored the themes of routine life in his paintings. Addition of shadows depicting activity added a new dimension to his work which creates motion on the surface.
Matloob Baig, is one of the few plain-air artists of Pakistan whose paintings portray his love for the striking beauty of nature. The sharply gnarled trees, calm skies, bright sunlight, giant clouds and multicolored lakes, all reflected Baig’s incredible landscapes full of emotion, atmosphere & romanticism.


With transparent washes of watercolours and minimal lines of ink and charcoal, Masood A. Khan created brilliant multidimensional, serene and spiritual soul-scapes. Masood can accurately visualize and capture the lights and shades through all materialistic barriers, as if he has x-ray eyes.
Omar Waheed, a landscape painter with soft pastels and strokes created an emotive texture that compels the viewer to feel the soft movements within impressionable serenity painted aesthetically.
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The interesting sculpture work of Imran Hunzai and Tariq Luni added an exceptional touch to the exhibition. Aleemdad’s stunning printmaking work and Tayyab Munawwar’s abstract painting and calligraphy work were also some of the outstanding piece of artworks.
Miniature artwork of Saima Ali, an Islamabad-based artist, Kausar Iqbal and Mutaib Shah also made their way into the splendid exhibition. Watercolour paintings of Munib Khan, Rawalpindi-based artist and Babar Mughal added the element serenity at the exhibition. Arjumand Awan’s abstract and figurative work and abstract artwork of Arjumand Hussain was also put on display.
Next set of paintings by Rashid Arshed depicted the artwork of one of the earliest exponents of contemporary calligraphy whose style forms bridge between traditional elegance and modern innovation.
The artwork of Imran Jatoi, Irfan Dehri, Sana Arjumand, Nida Bangash, Nazir Ahmed added energy and strength to the exhibition. Landscape work of Amjad Hussain, an artist from Chakwal and Akram Dost, a senior artist from Quetta brightened the environment.
While Arsalan Naqvi mostly depicted street children in his artwork which highlighted social issues through art.

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